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Elsio Carson Rosario

It had been confirmed and I've seen multiple sources day it, the death of Wolverine has been made official and is set for this month. There is going to be a four part comic book series entitled "Death of Wolverine". I don't ready have spoilers involving the comics so I'll be waiting to read them like the rest of you. This leaves many unanswered questions such as if this death will translate to movies as well or if there will be an X-Men comic concerning this. Wolverine has been a heavily popular superhero since 1974.

They may be killing him to make room for a new hero but I haven't seen any statements from Marvel on why there is going to be a death of Wolverine. The closest thing I have to a spoiler is that Wolverine will not be dead by the end of the first comic. Meaning there are three possibilities.

One: He dies in the second and the other two are about the effect it has. Two: he dies in the third and the fourth is about the effect it has. Or three: he does at the end of the fourth comic. I don't know any plans concerning Wolverine or the X-Men after this related to the comics as I know they have movies planned.

Many have been wondering about Wolverines death for a while now, most wondering about the movie Wolverines death as he was turned mortal in The Wolverine. It seems that Marvel had found a way to logical kill off Wolverine. We might be seeing the last of the immortal with the Adamantium skull, it saddens me to say.

But we will see about that later, Marvel may bring him back at some point as he is a heavy money maker for them. Many view him as their favorite member of the X-Men or even their favorite superhero. Leave your opinion in the poll and comments.


Is this death beneficial to Marvel or the fans?


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