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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Sons of Anarchy Episode 4, 'Poor Little Lambs' was awesome - from romance to senseless slaughter, it had the hallmarks of great SOA.

Let's have a look at the Episode 4 Recap:

DEATH COUNT: 18 A lively week - one son, a cop, plus 16 girls and Johns at Diosa.

How This S**t Went Down

Jax sets up a drug deal with the Neo-Nazis

This goes sour when a couple of the white power lunkheads shoot the cops who stumble upon their deal.


SAMCRO chases down a business deal for Marks

This involves exhuming the body of a pervy pastor and saving a junkie from a car in a lake. Tig gets shot in the process, but also gets closer to Venus.


Yup, Gemma and Juice are both still nuts

Juice has started Gemma's oh-so-sane habit of chatting to himself, and as for Gemma....well, if Courtney Love is saying you're crazy, you probably are!


Massacre at Diosa

Finally, that massacre we predicted over a month ago! The Chinese hit Diosa, slaughtering everyone inside, including the awesome Colette, who will be missed. The Triads also chucked attacked SAMCRO with grenades and stole their guns. Blowback from this will be OFF-THE-CHAIN.


Most Awesome Quotes


My Favorite Bit: Tig & Venus hooking up - my new fave on-screen couple!

Music Featured: 'Baby, Please Don't Go' - Franky Perez & The Forest Rangers

Did you love the fourth episode? Please share your predictions!


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