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Lionsgate are making a power rangers reboot!? When I read this I heard every childhood fan's stomach flutter with excitement at the prospect of the 'spandex superstars' making a comeback.

I know what you're thinking... GROW THE ZORDON UP! But back in the day the white and green ranger were heroes, big Tommy Oliver, the legend. Nowadays, you'll get away with thinking the pink ranger was hot and that's about all that adulthood will let you away with.

The franchise has developed and branched out into many different versions since it first aired in 1993. Now there's Megaforce, Samurai, Dino Thunder and Jungle Fury rangers??? I'm just hoping that this reinvention will stay true to the roots we all know and scrap the ideas of them teleporting through space on the back of a robotic monkey...and not forgetting the cheesy one liners.

So who will the cast be? Director? I'd like to think they'd go with an action packed film maker whose good with visually stricking films. Zack Snyder? Or Michael Bay? Just as long as he doesn't make Megan Fox the heroine. All I'm thinking so far is Dave Belle (District 13: Ultimatum, Brick Mansions) would be pretty decent as Adam (Black Ranger) a good look and he can do his own stunts. Jason David Frank can come back and do his own stunts too... He's a wrestler now.

Don't touch my shiny, green helmet.
Don't touch my shiny, green helmet.

Whatever the outcome I'll be watching the development like a hawk... or maybe a millennium falcon. Sorry. In the meantime, take a look at this video. Maybe Lionsgate will learn from this and not make a Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers fail.

Would be interested to hear anyone else's thoughts if you are as much of an excited geek as I am.



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