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... where she's living, obviously! Sources close to the folks over at Making Star Wars sent over a description of the dwellings, and they're pretty freakin' sweet:

On a desert planet, there’s a canyon, sandy and brown. In front of the canyon is a downed AT-AT walker, laying on its side. A young girl sits atop of the mechanical beast’s head. She gazes outward towards the end of the canyon where her hopes and dreams may one day be realized, not unlike Luke Skywalker yearning for more from his mundane life. For now, this is her home, the wreckage of years of intergalactic warfare.
The legs of the AT-AT are partially obscured by sand at the “ankles” but pop out at the feet. This walker has been there for some time and nature has began to take the machine into the earth. The AT-AT lays on its left side, its head leveled by the dirt from which its head smashed into during a battle some time ago. The right side of the body of the AT-AT faces upwards, battle scarred, shot by many laser blasts which no doubt brought the machine down. Battle wreckage is littered all around the fallen beast. This is the dwelling of the new hero from Star Wars: Episode VII.

A destroyed AT-AT, you say? Sounds familiar. Let me think... oh! Yeah!


When the first wave of photos from the set of Star Wars made their way onto the internet, we were treated to a look at what seemed like a chunk of an AT-AT foot. It's flat on the bottom - easy to build sand up around to give the effect of partial burial - and looks totally busted. Could this particular busted AT-AT foot be the same as what these sources are describing?

There's a little more, too:

The underbelly has large pieces of cloth draped over it to protect the dwelling from the environment. A small ship is hidden inside the belly, like a garage. In the distance you can see TIE-Fighters which have been downed into the sand. AT-ST head sits, its body below the dirt. You can see another AT-AT body in the distance, its coverings eroded away with time.

Rumors that Ridley is assuming the role of Han Solo and Leia Organa's daughter have been flying since the day she was cast. I want to believe them. My little shipper heart can't deal with Leia and Han not shacking up and having superpowered Jedi kids. Even a nod at Jaina, Jacen and Anakin would make my day. But either Daisy's character moved out to pursue the showerless nomad life, or her character is someone completely new.

It's not unbelievable: the original Anakin Skywalker came from a family line that was not originally endowed with the Force, so Ridley popping up as a new force-sensitive character wouldn't be completely out of the blue. Ridley is also the only cast member currently slated for all three upcoming Star Wars films, and it's completely possible that the storyline might focus more on a new character rather than the continuation of the Skywalker bloodline.

A boy and his dreams
A boy and his dreams

Still, I agree with the idea that this scene reflects Luke's longing for adventure, but in a completely different way: this seems like Ridley's character (rumored to be named Kira - or at least that's her codename on set) is almost melancholy, lonely, upset. I mean, most happy people don't really make homes out of old war relics.

A Resident on Set
A Resident on Set

This also seems like a cool nod to the folks who live within the huts of the old Tatooine set from the original trilogy, and it definitely shows that the galaxy is still rebuilding after what happened during the events of Return of the Jedi.


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