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So I'm not usually for crack-pot fan theories. But some, like the Pixar theory or the Stan Lee/Uatu theory really interest me. So today I'm going to talk about a little crack pot theory of my own.

So if your a Marvel fan and you've been on the internet, you've probably heard the weird but awesome theory that Stan "The Man" Lee is none other than "Uatu the Watcher" in the MCU.

The big guy right there.
The big guy right there.

There's a lot of evidence to back up this theory; Stan's appearance in all of the MCU movies (excluding the non MCU movies because rights) is very Uatu-like. Plus with the new mini-series 'Original Sin', it seems like Marvel wants us to get familiar with the character all of a sudden for a reason.

But as much as I like this theory; like I said, I have one of my own. My theory is that Mr. Lee is not Uatu at all, but an entirely different watcher entirely.

This guy!
This guy!

Well, he's not so much a watcher as he is a conqueror, Kang the Conqueror to be exact. Kang is a time traveling, well, conqueror. As you might have guessed, he's not a good guy. He's like a mix between Atilla the Hun, Khan, and Doctor Who (minus the charm and appeal overload that you would get if you mixed Benedict Cumberbatch and Matt Smith.)

"But Adonis," you say, "Stan isn't a bad guy!" Well that's true, but that doesn't mean he wouldn't be open to portraying one on screen. "But he doesn't even look like Kang!" Well he isn't exactly "twinsies" with Uatu either. The evidence behind Stan being the Conqueror is almost the same evidence behind him being Uatu, his appearances spanning across different times and places. But here's why I think he's Kang.

1. Uatu doesn't really leave his post that much.

Uatu the Watcher's job is to observe all of the lives of the earth. With his all-seeing eyes he is able to, see all. But his job comes with some rules, the biggest one being that he can not interfere with the lives and fates of any one on earth. But because Marvel needs more scenes of him besides him just sitting on the moon in silence, he defies that rule a lot. But he only does when something big is about to happen, like when he tried to stop the Silver Surfer from summoning the world eating Galactus to earth. He never leaves to, I don't know, warn Iron Man about him betting on the wrong team for tomorrows game.

Stan's cameos however, do not usually come with urgent news. He's kind of just there, a citizen who happened to be in the right place at the right time. This is more towards Kang behavior. Kang can go to any period in time, from the 1st century to the 40th and anything in between. Like a person watching their favorite show with their DVR, he can rewind and fast forward without his presence being seen. Now, though I'm not sure he has any shape-shifting powers, this could simply be some sort of disguise he wears to watch the earth from a closer point of view without someone going "Dear Jesus who is that man with skin conditon?!"

2. Stan can be seen hitting on space ladies.

The whole Uatu thing could make sense, except to my knowledge, he watches earth. The place where the Guardians of the Galaxy are not. In Marvel's recent awesome adventure of pure awesomeness, we can see Stan hitting on some rocking space babe while Rocket criticizes.

Ladies prepare to drop your undergarments!
Ladies prepare to drop your undergarments!

Why would Uatu, the watcher of earth, leave his station to flirt with a space girl on the far side of the galaxy? You could make the argument that he was keeping an eye on Peter Quill, a former resident of earth. Or perhaps he knows that the Guardians have some part in earth's fate (If the rumors of them teaming up with the Avengers are true, which they probably are.) But couldn't he either 1. Watch them from his post instead of going all the way there, abandoning his station and trying to get some alien goodness? Or 2. Just leave it to the watcher of that part of the Galaxy, assuming there is one?

So how does this make him Kang? Well that leads me toβ€”

3. Maybe he's keeping an eye on his eventual opponents?

Kang is no friend to the Avengers, having been defeated by them tons of times. You'd think with his time traveling abilities he'd have the upper hand, but nope! The Avengers (and any other hero he messes with) always defeats him, effectively making him the worst Conqueror since the time I tried to Conquer my friends fort in Minecraft. Sorry, my nerdiness escaped me for a second there (Says the guy doing an article on why the King of Comics is an earth conquering warlord).

And I haven't read a lot of Kang featured Marvel comics, but I'm sure he's tussled with the Guardians before as well. Perhaps he's not keeping an eye on them like Uatu would, but maybe, just maybe, he's watching them to find their weaknesses. Think about it, Stan's been there for every pivotal moment in MCU history as just an innocent bystander. He's there in the background, just like a really good spy. Maybe the Avengers and the Guardians team up to stop Kang from conquering the earth and so he's going back in time to watch them carefully and expose their weaknesses so he can exploit them when they fight. This would make a perfect plot for the rumored Guardians/Avengers team up movie!

"But why doesn't he just go back and kill them in their weakest moments?" Well, like most conquerors, he's not very smart. I mean sure, he's intelligent, but he lets his pride and thirst for power get in the way of common sense. Chances are he doesn't feel that killing them when they're not strong enough to fight back is a victory. If he went back and killed Tony Stark when he was a child, he'd win but forever be known as "Kang the Kid Killer." Not a good title. So he studies them, learning their weaknesses so he can exploit them and gain the upper hand when the time comes. But he doesn't kill them too early, he's waiting for the perfect time. In that time he thinks he'll defeat them and conquer earth! But of course, he'll fail thanks to the combined forces of the Avengers and the Guardians.

Welp, that's my weird crack pot theory! Feel free to tell me why I'm wrong, why you agree, or why you don't care!


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