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Of course, did we ever really get a fourth Indiana Jones?

Feeble attempts at rewriting history aside, we've known for a while that Disney has been toying with the idea of continuing or rebooting the Indiana Jones franchise since they acquired the rights to Star Wars (and Indiana Jones, as well).

But we've received next-to-nothing news about the project being taken seriously, until now.

Recently, Variety posted an article detailing an online instructional course of Advanced Filmmaking. The article reveals that one of the instructors is top cinematographer, Janusz Kaminski. And the article goes on to say that one of his upcoming projects is in fact, a "fifth Indiana Jones movie."

Sadly, that's all we know. The big questions still remain: Will Harrison Ford return? Will this be a reboot? Will this be a retcon of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull? Will this also retcon Shia LeBeouf?

Indiana Jones 5? Hopefully, we'll know soon.


Would you want a reboot or continuation of Indiana Jones?


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