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It's not every day that an actor from the Marvel pool openly admits to possibilities that fans theorize about - but recently, Adrianne Palicki decided to challenge that. While talking about her character, Mockingbird, who will be appearing on [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](series:722469) this season, Palicki was asked about the deadly woman's possible future role in the Avengers.

... that was one of the things that was discussed when I was coming on for the part, and you know, we’ll see what happens. It’s such a nice world that we live in that crossover can happen so often now which in the past it never really did so, to see these worlds come together on the small screen and the big screen is really cool.

In the comics, Bobbi Morse - Mockingbird's Secret Identity - first served as Agent 19 for S.H.I.E.L.D., and met future husband Hawkeye in something of an awkward conflict: at the time, Hawkeye was working security detail for Cross Technological Enterprises (belonging to Darren Cross, who is slated to appear as the villain Yellowjacket in [Ant-Man](movie:9048)) and Mockingbird breaks in to "investigate corruption" at the company. Needless to say, the two clash, but eventually reconcile as they battle Crossfire (Darren's cousin - villainy seems to run in the family) and in four short issues, they're married.

Oh, and Crossfire lost or whatever, I guess.
Oh, and Crossfire lost or whatever, I guess.

Soon after, the West Coast Avengers are founded, landing Mockingbird her first official role as an Avenger. She transfers teams here and there, from the West Coast Avengers to the New Avengers to the Secret Avengers, and of course, the Avengers themselves, among other non-Avenger-y teams.

The story gets pretty long and complicated, but comics canon sets up a pretty natural transition from Agent to Avenger for the character. Her stealth skills may not be as needed on the team now ([Black Widow](movie:1070824) and Hawkeye - and even Cap - are pretty well-seasoned in espionage) but rumors about changes to the lineup leave a possibility for a pretty open spot. Avengers 3, anyone?


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