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The producers of SyFy's answer to the zombie phenomenon, Z Nation, reached out to me to set up an interview with genre legend, and all around charming badass, Bill Moseley. Of course, I responded to the interview request with an extremely unprofessional squee gif.

For those of you NOT familiar with Bill Moseley, you might remember him as Otis Driftwood from Devil's Rejects, or his role in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 as ChopTop!

A full transcription of the interview is coming soon, but for now, here is a tidbit about ChopTop's appearance on this week's episode of [Z Nation](series:1327829)!

You're appearing on this week's episode of Z Nation - what can you tell us about your character, General McCandle:

He’s a fighter against the zombies, and he’s the coordinator of the armed services, I’ve kind of gone a little crazy...I’ve kind of lost it. This crazy is kind of an homage to George C. Scott in Patton, and Full Metal Jacket. He’s a classic military man who is very disciplined and focused on his mission but has also gone insane, so it should be FUN for everyone.

I had a great time up in Spokane on the set, I almost didn’t make it up there because I had child care duties (I have a 15 year old) and the good folks at Z Nation suggested that I bring her up and put her to work as a zombie. It was kind of a bring your kid to work thing. So I was fighting zombies, and she was on the other side of that line. Thankfully I didn’t have to fight her because she’s been taking Krav Maga, and if she had taken me on she probably would have kicked my butt. It was a great bonding experience, and we had a great time on set and hanging out in Spokane for a couple of days.

Does General McCandle come back for more episodes? You’ll have to see for yourself on Friday night as Bill Moseley guest stars on [Z Nation](series:1327829)'s 'Full Metal Zombies' episode!


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