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And just when we thought Joaquin Phoenix was an inch away from officially being inked to a contract to play our Sorcerer Supreme, it all changes on us again. NOOOOOOOO!!! (Said in a Darth Vader voice, of course.)

The rumor mill has turned and spit out another rumor about the [Doctor Strange](movie:559685) casting today, this one courtesy of This Is Infamous, the same site who told us that both Jon Hamm was close to signing and then Jack Huston. So basically, take this latest rumor with a grain of salt, as they haven't proven to be the most reliable source of news regarding Doctor Strange. Like...ever.

Regardless, the latest name they're throwing into the ring is none other than 90s heartthrob and current indie flick darling, Ethan Hawke. The site claims that Hawke was formally offered a contract and the actor accepted over the weekend, and now it's down to talking brass tacks: Salary figures and a 6-picture deal being offered.

"Whaaaaaaa?" you're saying. "No way!"

But yes way, you guys. And actually...he might not be that bad a fit.

Ethan Hawke is Doctor Strange!?
Ethan Hawke is Doctor Strange!?

Put a little grey in his temples and bulk him up a tiny bit and you could see it, right?

Looks aside, Hawke is a damned fine actor with a wide range of films under his belt. As an actor, he's done everything from Shakespeare to action flicks, indie dramas to horror. He's been nominated for multiple Academy Awards and a Tony Award nomination for his work on stage. He would certainly bring a veteran blend of intensity and vulnerability to the role. Oh, and fun fact? He's already worked with Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson.

And while it is only speculation and rumor at this point, with every day that passes without Marvel making an official announcement as to which actor has landed the role, it becomes more certain that the most recent talks with Joaquin Phoenix have indeed fallen through and Marvel is back to searching. I used to keep track of everyone that has been attached the the role, but...I lost count by now.

If this isn't a rumor, it's entirely possible that Hawke will have the same feelings of hesitation that Phoenix did, and for the same reasons. But still, at this point, I just want to scream, "JUST CAST SOMEONE ALREADY!!"

Don't you?


Ethan Hawke as Doctor Strange...


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