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  • With [X-Men: Apocalypse](movie:1194267) starting to film right around the corner, and Wolverine 3 filming immediately after, Deadpool confirmed for unannounced date, and other movies like Gambit, Alpha Flight and X-Factor all rumored to be in production we still have literally dozens of X-Men characters that haven't been used yet anywhere in the franchise, these characters could be epic, and it's these that I'm dying to see!

X-Men have been my favorite since the 90's cartoon, Wolverine comics were the first I ever bought, and they're still my favorite franchise, but unfortunately the movies have been hit and miss with many blunders, bad stories, and other inconsistencies. Basically the movies have been extremely unbalanced, but hopefully they've found their traction with the huge success of DOFP and they know what to do and what not to do. We are already expecting them to re-cast younger versions of some of our favorite mutants (Jean, Cyclops and Storm and can expect others later on like Nightcrawler and Angel) but there are still so many X-Men we haven't even seen yet!
So here's to hoping the franchise gains momentum and continues to exceed expectations, so I can get some of these characters I'm still dying to see!

Young X-Men

So maybe this is cheating, not using a singular character, but I do really think that this young team could have potential as a successful stand-a-lone movie in the X-Men future we saw at the end of DOFP, perhaps with an occasional cameo from Halle Berry as Storm, Patrick Stewart as Xavier, or Janssen as Phoenix, but what I'm suggesting also means those main characters won't be completely necessary, plus it's not like Shawn Ashmore or Daniel Cudmore are really working that much. We could bring them back in too. I can't imagine it would take much convincing to ask them to bridge the gap between their movies and another.

Here's a little bit of a rundown on these young students at the Institute:

Mercury - Pride and joy of her parents, she was the absolute definition of perfect child; her personality, her grades, she was spoiled right up until her mutant powers manifested, then they refused to let her out of the house, until she left for the Xavier Institute.
Her body is composed of a non-toxic form of mercury, which she can shape and re-shape at will. She can turn into a liquid form, stretch her arms into giant swords, and much more.

Pixie - Her main abilities originated from her bright and colorful wings that allowed her to fly and the pixie dust they create cause hallucinations, however later, through magic in the underworld, she received a weapon called the Souldagger that allowed her to use a heavy teleportation spell that could transport several X-Men at a time, this made her extremely critical to several later X-Men missions. If we get to see Pixie, I would hope that they leave behind the underworld and soul dagger part of her powers and just make it all mutation.

Rockslide - His body is formed primarily of rock, but he can use rocks and earth around him to make his form larger and stronger, and then can explosively detonate his body and re-form it at will. Super-strength and endurance seem to be side effects of this mutation.

Dust - Raised as a Muslim child, and after her mother's death she is captured and put into the slave trade. When one of the abusive men attempts to take off her traditional niqab she retaliates by turning into her dust form and literally tearing the skin off of his bones. She is rescued by Wolverine and brought to the Institute.
With her ability to transform her body into sand she can create a sandstorm that has killed men, blinded others and even taken down a helicopter in the cartoon Wolverine and the X-Men, in one of the more recent stories she even used her dust form to go inside her enemy's lungs and suffocate him. She's a badass.

Anole - Raised in a small rural community of Illinois, his mutation became apparent as his skin turned green and reptile-like. His family and small town accepted him until anti-mutant hate spread, for his own safety his parents had him sent to the Institute. As well as being a green, lizard-looking mutant Anole is also an out homosexual.
His powers include reptilian senses, wall-crawling, camouflage, and regeneration that includes growing back limbs similar to how a lizard grows back a tail.

X-23 - After Weapon X's re-birth the group attempted to create their own Wolverine, but their only remaining DNA samples were missing the 'y' chromosome, and after 22 failed attempts the 23rd is viable to combine with an embroyo. She was carried to term by one of the scientists, and the child is young when they began to train her as an assassin, and as she goes through the adamantium procedure (including two claws in her hands, and one in each foot). Her birth mother eventually rebels against Weapon X, which causes them to put a hit out on her that X-23 carries out, unable to control herself because of the conditioning on a specific scent she's trained on, she slaughters her mother, the other scientists and the pods which contained X-24 through X-50. As she dies her mother hands her a photograph of Wolverine, and information on the Xavier Institute.

Surge - She ran away from home after her powers of electricity manifested, but because she didn't know how to control her abilities she would absorb all electricity around her, which would eventually lead to a catastrophic discharge as her body became "full". When she came to the Institute she was given large metal gloves that helped protect her from absorbing large amounts of electricity as well as the un-wanted discharge. In the comics she is one of the leaders of the Young/New X-Men.

Hellion - An arrogant child, Keller only became more of a show-off when his powers of telekinesis manifested. His parents sent him to the Institute in hopes that he would learn some discretion. His powers of telekinesis are immense, even allowing himself flight, and telekinesis blasts. He has also acted as a team leader.

Don't they sound awesome!? They also include some much needed diversity in the superhero world. We have a Muslim, and a homosexual, but we also have a lot of color diversity with Rockslide's rock from, Anole's green skin and Pixie's pink tattoos and wings, (most of the X-Men we seem to get in the movies are blue!) This team would look awesome! Like I suggested with Phoenix, Storm, Iceman or Colossus we could also bring in some lesser known X-Men to anchor the "adult" world of teacher and mentor at the Institute.


I'm not sure where the rights of Alpha Flight are, if they are still over at Marvel or if they are part of the X-Men franchise at Fox, but either way the X-Men could still use Northstar. He is one of the core heroes of Alpha Flight, but he's also a huge part of the X-Men. He served as mentor of the students for a long time, and is especially close to Anole as another out and proud homosexual. (Not that I want to bring in two homosexuals in JUST to bring in gay characters, but both characters are such large parts of the New/Young X-Men story lines.)
His powers include flight, and superhuman speed.
Northstar has some deep history. He was originally one of the leaders of the Canadian super team Alpha Flight, leaving later to become a member of the X-Men team at the request of Xavier, and a full fledged teacher teaching Economics, Business, Flight and French (see at Xavier's they teach real-life classes not like that Hogwarts place). He has a great friendship and respect for Wolverine with their shared heritage, and experience in both Alpha Flight and X-Men. One of the biggest storylines including Northstar was a time where Wolverine was killed, and brainwashed for The Hand and Hydra, and he was targetting other heroes in hopes to get them under the same brainwashing. He attacked the X-Men and succeeded in capturing Northstar and turning him into a brainwashed assassin.


Sure we've already seen her powers, as she has the same magnetic abilities as her father Magneto, but what I'm hoping with her introduction, and with the recent introduction, of her half-brother Quicksilver, is that we'll get to see more sensitive and less angry Magneto as he adjusts to fatherhood and finds the family that he never had. Obviously it's more complicated than that, otherwise it would be a sitcom "Magneto and the Fam", but I look forward to Magneto's growth as a character, and the introduction of his children would be a great way to do this, and if one of them was killed I'm sure his growth would be even more awesome.
She's also one of Apocalypse's Horsemen in one of the incarnations of his team. She became the Horseman Pestilence which led to her ingesting several viruses hoping to create a meta-plague, so we could possibly see her introduced as one of the Four Horsemen in the Apocalypse 2016 film.


Cannbonball has been around since he early 80s, and his powers are pretty unique as far as other characters go; he has the ability to create thermo-chemical energy (similar to a jetstream) and uses this ability to fly, and while in flight is impervious to any solid object. Meaning he can fly through a skyscraper, or an individual, without feeling a thing.
He comes from a large family, the oldest of ten children all of whom are mutants, which could create some interesting stories. He could easily be the hard-headed student coming into the X-Men and turn into a great leader as he grows up, helping his siblings with their powers, dealing with their death (his brother Jay died while a student at Xavier's he was attacked by Religious Purifiers), and learning to help other kids and students too. Sam could easily become one of the greatest X-Men leaders.


Magma has never been a huge character in the comics, she's always been sidelined, or brainwashed as a temporary villain, or she's just not been included in stories altogether. She was one of the "New Mutants" along with Cannonball, Warpath (who we saw in the future of DOFP) and many other mutants. They were meant to be the next generation of X-Men as tutored by Charles Xavier, but events in other X-Men comics had Professor Xavier leaving Earth and these students were taught by Mageto in Xavier's absence With her connection to both characters we could introduce her as either an X-Men or a member of Magneto's new Brotherhood that I'm sure will be introduced in Apocalpyse.
Her powers aren't unique, we saw fire powers in the original X-Men trilogy with Pyro, but along with the fire powers she can control lava, ground and manipulate herself into a magma form and fly. She would be pretty sweet to see on the big screen, and would put up quite a fight against whoever wasn't on her side!


One of the most obvious choices: Cable. He's been a long time coming, fans are insistent that he soon become part of the expanding universe!
His back story is a confusing one; he was born out of the conspiring of Sinister who used a clone of Jean Grey to become pregnant with Scott Summers child. Sinister's plan was that Cable would grow up to defeat his master Apocalypse, but Apocalypse learned of his treachery and Cable was sent into the future where he grew up.
He eventually came back from the future to help destroy Apocalypse, and has led several X-Men teams including the New Mutants, X-Force, and teamed up with Deadpool on multiple occasions. After the mutant gene disappeared from existence, and the world went from having millions of mutants to less than 200 worldwide, on what became known as M-Day, Cable, still an empowered mutant, took the first mutant child that was born into the future and protected her as she grew into a teenager so that whatever genetics made her a mutant could be protected as the X-Men believed she was to be the Savior of their race. Leaving them in the future for a while also allowed Hope to age rapidly so that she could re-join the X-Men and be their Savior, to the X-Men she was gone about a year, to her and Cable they were gone fifteen years and she was now a teenager. This may have been one of Cable's slower stories with no action, but it also shows a tender side to the anti-hero as he helped protect and raise this child and as her adoptive father.
His powers include: limited telepathy, telekinesis, and enhanced physical attributes including a cybernetic arm, an expert sharpshooter and expert in hand-to-hand combat.
It's all but been confirmed that he'll show up in the cinematic world. He has history with Apocalypse so it's likely that he'll be at least part of that story, and hopefully he'll be a large part of the upcoming rumored X-Force film. If Hugh Jackman won't be sticking around as Wolverine to lead X-Force it's likely that after his introduction in Apocalypse that Cable will fill that role.


X-Force is one movie that has been confirmed, but we have no date for it yet. Without knowing if it'll be set in the past or after Wolverine wakes up in the happy future with Jean and Scott at the Institute is unknown, and this will obviously determine who will be a part of that team.
X-Force was basically a dark ops X-Men team hand picked with members who were okay in doing the more ruthless, need-to-know missions. They were often sent off to "take care' of certain things, or people, who needed to be dealt with for the betterment of mutantkind. After M-Day when there are fewer mutants, and their enemies are attempting to wipe them out, Cyclops brought back the team under the leadership of Wolverine to do anything he deemed necessary for the survival of their race.

There have been many members of this team in several different versions:
Wolverine - For the movies he's the obvious choice for the leader, he's not only a character we're familiar with and star of the franchise, but he's a core member of X-Force in the later comic versions, but with Jackman's contract up after Apocalypse and Wolverine 3 it's doubtful he'll be in an X-Force movie.
Warpath - We already saw him fighting Sentinels with the X-Men in the terrible alternate future, it's possible that the X-Force movie will take place in the future part of the timeline, than I would bet money we'd see Warpath, however if it's in the past timeline his character would be too young or unborn to appear.
Cable - Probably the one that is most likely to appear out of anyone; we already can just assume he'll play a part in the Apocalypse movie, and from there an X-Force movie just makes sense, led by Cable who is our new badass anti-hero type after Jackman's exit from the franchise.
Wolfsbane - One of the few I didn't mention in my post, but she's a very active member of X-Force. She has the ability to turn herself into a half-human/half-wolf or turn completely wolf. Since we haven't seen her in the movies yet she could easily show up in either the future or past timelines.
X-23 - Talked about her as part of the Young X-Men, but she's also a part of the X-Force team in the later incarnation. It's doubtful we'd see her in the past timeline because Mystique intercepted Wolverine before he was captured by Weapon X, we don't know what happens with all of that yet. It's also very possible that Mystique posing as Stryker could help create Weapon X, and X-23 too.
Vanisher - Also didn't mention him until now, he's a very minor character in the comics, but necessary to several X-Force missions as he's their personal teleporter. He's also very skilled with guns.
Cannonball - Talked about him earlier, unlike most of these characters his darkside isn't as well developed, but if his brother was killed, or other harm came to him, the Institute or those he loved I could see him crossing this line. He's been a part of X-Force in the comics, and like Wolfsbane he hasn't been introduced yet so he could show up in either timeline.
Archangel - Like Cannonball he isn't as dark, but could also act as a conscience to the group. In the most recent X-Force storylines Angel is hiding his condition of Archangel (with the metal wings and mind wiped symptoms thanks to Apocalypse) from the other X-Men but is open with his X-Force teammates. These changes that were done to him give him metal wings, stronger body, and feather blades that shoot from the wings. Archangel will most likely show up in Apocalypse, he is the original Horsemen after all, and if X-Force carries off of where Apocalypse leaves it could be very likely that Archangel's story mirrors that of the comics, and it would give us a darker Angel that is trying to redeem himself for his follies as Apocalypse's goon.
[Deadpool](movie:38663) - With a movie already in the works, just no date, it's unlikely that Deadpool would make his first appearance with X-Force. He could be one of those that could show up in either timeline though. I would assume a Deadpool movie would be more "present" tense than a 80s or 90s period type, but that's just because I have trouble picturing a period piece like FC or DOFP with Deadpool. Not sure why, but I do.
Domino - I haven't mentioned her yet either, but the team definitely needs some more femininity - even if Domino is about as masculine as a female can get. She controls probability, meaning she can change her own luck, but she's also a skilled marksmen and swordsmen. She has been a member of the Brotherhood, an X-Men and a member of X-Force. She has a very close relationship with Cable which makes her a great possibility to add to his team.

So there's my wish list! It's lengthy, but it shows that there are several characters to still choose from with a wide variety of powers that we have yet to see in our movies. The X-Men universe is so diverse that, honestly, this list could never end. These are some of my favorites though, and they could bring a sense of not only ethnic diversity but a new age demographic as well.


Which of these X-Men would you like to see come to the big screen?


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