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When I first saw the trailer for DREDD, it gave me chills and that's always proven to be a good sign in predicting that from beginning to end, I will be in admiration and adoration of a film.

DREDD, especially in 3D (some of the best since AVATAR) really blew my mind. Aside from the corny but lovable Stallone 90's JUDGE DREDD, I really knew nothing about the comics and therefore, little about the lead character and the world he lives in.

Aside from the jaw dropping, beautifully violent and impactful visuals, I was captivated by the ever relevant political and socio-economical topics and themes involved in the script. Karl Urban, Lena Headey and Olivia Thirlby are all fantastic in their lead roles, and the music is just a kick ass score ( that makes me want to be a Judge...until I remember what a horrific dystopia the future America is they have to govern. But really, it's a mesmerizing blend of heavy industrial and ethereal melodies that plays wonderfully against the film's mood and setting.

Despite all the film's glowing attributes, it was largely overlooked on its theatrical release. It wasn't until word spread of it's badassery that people started to take notice and Netflix rentals and bluray sales shot through the roof.

For this reason, us over here at 1931 Productions are taking part in the 2014 DAY OF DREDD today. The purpose is to help promote the film in any way possible in hopes of convincing the Big Execs in Hollywood that there should for sure be a DREDD SEQUEL!

So please, today (and always!) SPREAD THE DREDD! :) You can sign the official petition to make another Dredd film here:

Check out my review of the film for a little further convincing as to why this is an amazing and much needed giant step forward for comic book film and indie cinema alike!,manual

Judge Dredd for President 2016


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