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I have always loved horror, especially Zombies. No other horror genre has reached the cultural peaks of everyone's favorite, cuddly flesh eating corpses. Living in Pittsburgh these past few years has only driven that point home. However, as a filmmaker, I always had an issue. Zombie films, despite the rare few, always provide a story that lacks the human element, or never gets past the "everyone must die in less than 90 minutes" format. It is that glaring issue that inspired me to write my feature length Zombie film, Meltdown.

I wanted something different, something in the style of classic eighties horror with a Grind House feel. Meltdown, can be described as Shaun of the Dead meets Mad Max. Thematically, Meltdown is a ZomCom partially set in a post apocalyptic landscape. The goal is to provide a setting in which not only the Zombies evolve into a new and dangerous threat but the main characters evolve, highlighting what they have to become to survive in a new world. The goal is to do a Meltdown trilogy combining various genres into a consistent and entertaining story line. The feature was is an extension of the Meltdown short, which we shot in 2012 here in Pittsburgh, the trailer is below and the whole short can be viewed on Youtube.

Thus far we have had two screenings and have received a lot of positive feedback, we were even given our own day, Meltdown Day, in Somerset, Pa, the setting for the first half of the film. Hey, ripping the arm off of a mayor turned out to be a solid play, who knew? Check out our website ( and like us on Facebook ( Stay tuned for more on the Meltdown shoot and breakdowns of other independent horror, right here.


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