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Jerome Maida

Cynthia Rothrock is universally considered the greatest female martial artist of all time and has starred in over 43 action/martial arts films. She is a true legend in a day and age when that word has become contaminated from overuse.

So when "The Martial Arts Kid" Co-Producer Ryan Westheimer heard "The Queen Of Martial Arts Films" was aboard the action flick - the first starring role for Rothrock in eleven years - he was not sure what to expect from someone whose name still commands awe.

Westheimer says working with Rockrock on the film could not have been more of a pleasure.

"She was amazing", says Westheimer. "Just like Don (Wilson, co-headliner with Rothrock on "The Martial Arts Kid"), she always came prepared and always overprepared."

"She was just always ready to go", Westheimer continued. "She was such a team player. No matter what we needed to do, or how challenging the situation might have been, she just jumped in full force."

"She's a serious martial artist", Westheimer concluded. "We had to do some silly, fun stuff with her character and she just, you know, was all about it. She was amazing."

"The Martial Arts Kid" is scheduled to hit theaters in 2015.


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