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Mark Newton

It seems The Walking Dead is so popular these days, AMC do not even need proper trailers to advertise the arrival of the new season. Instead, they've opted for super-short teasers with some of the principle characters posing with guns, looking concerned, and squaring off against some walkers.

Check out the promo teasers for Michonne, Rick, Glenn, and Maggie below:

Although they do not show much, they do seem to suggest the gang will not be out of the woods once they break out of Terminus, and perhaps that the group will be more fragmented in Season 5. In any case, the tag line of 'Hunt or Be Hunted,' doesn't sound particularly reassuring, does it?

And if you're wondering where Daryl's character trailer is, well, you can find it over here. He also brings along a familiar friend.

The Walking Dead Season 5 debuts on October 12th.


Who are you most excited to see again in The Walking Dead Season 5?



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