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If jarring music, evil clowns, and hideous deformities are your thing, then the American Horror Story: Freak Show's opening title sequence was practically designed with you in mind. If not, prepare to feel a little uneasy.

This claymation peek into the nightmarish carnival that awaits us sets the stage for some seriously dark goings on... Not to mention some somewhat carnal behavior between the freaks.

So, prepare to calm your coulrophobia and nervously choke on you popcorn, because the circus is coming to town!

Sometimes it Feels Like Somebody's Watching Me...

...And sometimes it just so happens to be an obscenely creepy clown in a deserted circus.

Throttle the Clown

Oh, sorry, his name's 'Twisty,' Isn't it? Still you can't blame me for jumping to conclusions looking at this sinister hand action...

Elephantiasis Escapades

Does anyone else think that Gabourey Sidibe might be lumped with some monstrous, oozing appendages?

Yep, They're Doing Exactly What You Think They're Doing

Aren't you guys a bit young...and dead for that kind of thing?! Not to mention defiling the beautiful Emma Roberts' name!

I'm Sensing a Theme Here...

Woollen dreadlocks, yellowed tombstone teeth, AND black face? I have a feeling we will be seeing this guy a lot more... even if it is only in our nightmares.

FFS, I Told You Not to Feed it After Midnight!

Oh, it's just an evil befanged monkey. Nothing to see here, kids!


Gives the term "third limb" a whole new meaning.

Hungry Eyes

Hungry for your blood, soul, or bone marrow. I get the impression this chap isn't too fussy.

Kindergarten Carnage

Please let them bring out the horrifying freak babies. Nothing is as chilling as an innocent bundle of guttural revulsion.

Siamese Incest?!

Ummm is this a teaser that Sarah Paulson will be getting incestuous with herself?! [American Horror Story](series:206668) would totally go there.

Check out the full title sequence for yourself below;

Surely this means all of the clowns have to be in some sort of horrifying villainous posse?

I'm pretty sure Twisty won't be working alone and nothing reeks of terror more than a gang of face-painted false grins stalking their prey...

American Horror Story: Freak Show premieres on FX on Oct. 8 at 10 p.m


Is this the scariest American Horror Story opening sequence yet?

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