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There have been whispers of Indiana Jones 5 for a long while now. After Disney gained control of the franchise, Harrison Ford expressed a desire to do more Indi movies.

Then, he was apparently in negotiations with the company to commit to two further films - but these were apparently scuppered by his interest in the Star Wars revival.

But now it seems we're experiencing a u-turn with the news that cinematographer Janusz Kaminski, a frequent collaborator with Steven Spielberg, has been hired for the project.

The news comes embedded in an advertisement for a cinematography course on the Variety website, which describes Kaminski's career:

Since then, Kaminski has made more than a dozen films with Steven Spielberg, earning two Oscars along the way. His credits include Schindler’s List, Saving Private Ryan, and The Diving Bell & the Butterfly. His next project is the upcoming fifth Indiana Jones movie.

Although it's hardly irrefutable, the fact that a big shot like Kaminski has clearly committed to the project and that it will be his next is telling. While we've been starved of info as to when Indiana Jones 5 will start production, this at least indicates that it will be soon.

Here's hoping we can move on from Cate Blanchett's accent in Kingdom of The Crystal Skull.

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