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I know everyone has heard at least one creepy Disney fact. But I BET you never realized these 8 insane things about our favorite Disney movies and characters...

Seriously, c'mon Disney, there's really no excuse for giving us Tarantino characters or naked women, now, is there?


Ariel... Milano!?

Weirdly enough, Charmed actress Alyssa Milano was the model for the character of Ariel in the beloved Little Mermaid - even though she didn't know it while the movie was being made! She said:

They asked me to host 'The Making of "The Little Mermaid,"' and it came out there that the drawing and likeness of the little mermaid was based on pictures of me from when I was younger.

Oh yes, you'd better believe you can see that video RIGHT HERE!

I wonder if she walks around the house in a clam-shell bra...

And, speaking of The Little Mermaid...


Did anyone ever notice the penis on the cover of the original VHS release?

Didn't spot it?


Yep, there it is!

As far-fetched as this may seem, apparently that phallus was wholly unintentional. According to the artist who drew it, he was just in a rush to finish and was neither annoyed nor amused by adding it in... hmm.


Lilo & Stitch and Pulp Fiction share an eerie overlap...

Take a look at Marsellus Wallace from Tarantino's 1994 thunderclap of a thriller, Pulp Fiction:

Yep, that's the hard-as-nails crime boss who got all medieval on our asses.

Now, take a look at Cobra Bubbles, the African-American former CIA agent turned social worker from Lilo & Stitch:

Both characters are played by actor Ving Rhames, both wear gold hooped earrings, and - is that even a nod to Wallace's ethereal briefcase?

Well, I'll be blown!


Bruce the shark is named after Spielberg's lawyer

The vegetarian shark in Finding Nemo is said to have gotten his name from the mechanical shark used in Steven Spielberg's Jaws, which was named after Spielberg's lawyer, Bruce Ramer...

Must be one helluva scary legal representative!!


Toy Story references... The Shining!?

Cartoons are prime territory for Easter egg highjacks. In Disney's case, that means slipping in connections to a movie about a psychopathic family man who moves to a haunted hotel and tries murder his entire family. Lovely.

Remember the scene in Toy Story where Buzz and Woody are trying to escape Sid's house?

Get an inexplicable sense of doom while watching that scene? Me too.

That's because the carpet in Sid's house has the exact same pattern as the carpet in the Overlook Hotel in The Shining, the same one where junior psychic Danny Torrance used to play with his toys.

Yep, that's me officially spooked.


Minnie and Mickey were married... In real life!

Although Disney himself voiced the legendary Mickey in the beginning of his screen career, Wayne Allwine eventually took over. While Allwine was working for the studio, he fell in love with his future wife Russi Taylor. She just so happened to be the voice actress who played Mickey's ladylove Minnie...

Gives a whole new meaning to the word "cheesy."


Christian Bale was in Pocahontas?

Wow, all these years and we never knew that this guy...

Wasn't just hiding his superhero counterpart from the people of Gotham...

Oh, no. He was also hiding the fact he played Thomas in 1995's Pocahontas!

Mind. Blown.


Oh, and there's a naked woman in this kids movie, The Rescuers!

Yes, a naked woman!

During the scene in which the mousy heroes Bernard and Bianca fly through the city in a sardine tin, a photographic image of a topless woman can be seen in the windows they pass. Here's the proof:

And, yes. They did announce a recall... Disney - please now hang your head in shame.



Weirdest Disney fact you learned today?

(Source: Mic)


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