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OK, everyone. Take a knee. Or, at the very least, a seat.

Trust me on this, because this news comes - indirectly - from the greatest superhero studio of them all...

You ready? Well then, there's this:

"I'm sure we'll ride that thing. You've got to surf that all the way in to shore".

Y'know what that is? That's Robert Downey Jr. responding to a question about whether he'll return as Iron Man for another sequel. Which means this:

But also, more importantly, that Iron Man 4 is back on the table, people.

Which, in turn, means that this is a perfectly legitimate response for us all to be having right now:

So don't feel bad if you just ran around the room in excitement.

We all did. Because this... on its way back to our screens.

(And we're going to ignore the nagging doubts that maybe, just maybe, RDJ was referring to Avengers 3 in the video below)

The only question now, then (other than several hundred details) is when will we see Iron Man 4 on the big screen?

Well, if RDJ is serious about getting Iron Man 4 made, then there's one very obvious spot in Marvel Studios' upcoming lineup for it to slip into.

Namely, May 2017.

With Guardians of the Galaxy 2 already set for July 28th that year, and a November 3rd slot perfect for a new property, there's an Iron Man armor-shaped hole sitting on May 5th.

Which just so happens to be the same month that Warner Bros. are planning on debuting Justice League.

Because, let's be honest, if Marvel really want to mess with DC?

There's no better way of destroying Justice League's box office prospects than by scheduling Iron Man 4 a few weeks before it.

And then, if he really feels he has to, RDJ can finally hang up the armor with dignity (after [The Avengers 3](movie:738027), of course...)


What do you guys think? Does this mean we are going to see an Iron Man 4 with RDJ after all?



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