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Warner Bros. is working on a reboot of I Am Legend that apparently won't star Will Smith, the most recent actor to play the last man on Earth, Robert Neville.

The studio is rebooting the post-apocalyptic movie and hoping to turn it into a franchise (a "franchise"? Did they not read the book?!). So we can all look forward to more zombies, more end-of-the-world foreboding, and hopefully not as many sad dog deaths.

An attempt was made to make an I Am Legend prequel a while back, until everyone probably realized that nobody really wants to watch a movie about a scientist living in a normal world that isn't full of zombies...

Anyway, if you've been sitting around with your friends complaining about how there was never a follow-up to 2007's I Am Legend, well then, boy, I guess I just made your day...

If, however, you're now left a little confused at the decision to reboot that Will Smith movie, then maybe that's something we should discuss over a coffee. There are a ton of Will Smith reboots that I'd wanna see before the I Am Legend one. Here are my top 3:


Enemy of the State

The technological thriller - in which a lawyer is framed for murder and is forced to go on the run to clear his name - has one of the best twists in movie history. Enemy of the State was a more dramatic and less action-oriented role, which could be perfect remake material for intelligent spy-thriller fans. Bring in a Paul Greengrass or a David Fincher to take the reins and just let the tension mount... And make it all the scarier with a few Edward Snowdon references.


The Pursuit of Happyness

A heartwarming tale with near universal appeal, there's simply no good reason not to reboot this feel-good flick. It's based on the true story (timeless) of US multi-millionaire Chris Gardner, who experienced hardship and homelessness before he found success (timeless), and for all the film's occasional cheesiness (also timeless), it certainly made me weep! Just let's maybe skip the father-son Hollywood duos and not make it a family vanity project...


Men in Black

The 90's were a pretty dark time for comic book adaptations, but with movies from the likes of DC and Marvel doing so well at the worldwide box office, we no longer need to worry about budgets... Which is why a solid MIB remake is the best idea since neutralizers after a drunken night out. Bring an enthusiastic new Agent J actor into the clandestine world where men in dark suits work to keep humanity from realizing the world is full of aliens, and do it all wonderfully dead pan. Brilliant.



Do you want to see I Am Legend rebooted?

(Source: Deadline)


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