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Have you ever wondered what Springfield - and the rest of The Simpsons' universe - would look like with a thick veneer of realism, and a whole heap of added darkness?

Well, if so, then you're going to love this - and if not, you probably will too, because they're awesome.

Created by Austin-based illustrator and print-maker Tim Doyle, the following images are dark, gritty and...well, see for yourself:

Evergreen Terrace Gets Way Less Green

And in the case of Bart's tree-house silhouette, deeply disturbing...

Moe's Tavern Gets Even More Maudlin

And Bleeding Gums Murphy gets creepy...

A Noble Spirit Embiggens...No-one, Now?

Except presumably for the wallets of the fat cats at City Hall...

The Android's Dungeon Looks Like an Actual Dungeon

One that has destroyed the soul of poor Milhouse, and his misguided Biclops comic...

Hail El Barto, King of the Streets

Champion of chaos, destroyer of order, lover of Squishees...

The Rapture Seems a Far Less Remote Prospect

Which means at least Reverend Lovejoy'll be happy...

and, finally:

Impending Nuclear Holocaust Could Not Loom Larger

Over an even more depressing Kwik-E-Mart...

Now, I'm not suggesting that these images are better than The Simpsons itself - because, honestly, seasons 4 through 8 of the show were pretty much the best television ever made - but they sure are competitive.

And, better yet, downright beautiful.

Now we just need to get Cormac McCarthy to write an episode as a favor to Matt Groening, and we're away. Bring on [The Simpsons](series:200695), season 45!


What do you guys think? Beautiful, or creepy?

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