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Thought Gravity was terrifying? Just wait till you see this new short film by filmmakers Mirjam Veske and Nils Eilif Bremdal.

Kosmonauta is based on a real (albeit disputed) event in 1962, where two Italian brothers, Achille and Giovanni Judica-Cordiglia, recorded what seemed to be a distress signal from a female Russian cosmonaut. The Soviet Union never acknowledged the existence of a space flight taking place at that time, or of the loss of a cosmonaut related to the recording - but many believe the brother's accidentally stumbled onto a major cover up.

And now Veske and Bremdal have transformed that moment in 1962 into a truly astonishing - and haunting - piece of film-making.

See what we mean about Gravity?

This is just a whole other level of fraught emotion...

And just plain beautifully shot...

And made all the more incredible by the details of the film-making process:

"This project was made by Mirjam Veske (Production Designer) and Nils Eilif Bremdal (Cinematographer). After finishing their exam films at the Norwegian Film School they teamed up for this final project before graduating from the film school. They worked as a Production Designer and Cinematographer, but made all directorial decisions together all through the production process. Accompanied by Thomas Grotmol (Editor) and Vegard Soldal (Sound Designer) and fellow students and friends, the film has been a great collaborative experience."

That's right - that film?

That was made by film students...

Take that, [Gravity](movie:41913)...


What do you guys think? Which freaked you out more, Gravity or Kosmonauta?

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