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It sounds like Selena Gomez is feeling a little lonely after her romantic vacation will ill advised beau, Justin Bieber, has come to a close, but the starlet has found solace with a much more popular figure: God.

The 22-year-old actress/singer took to Twitter today to share some words of wisdom and prove that sometimes even the most successful people don't feel like they are good enough. She Tweeted:

Although Selena is well known for delivering inspirational message via social media, some people think this post is a dig at her on-again off-again boyfriend.

Gossip Rags such as the ever reputable Hollywood Life are abuzz with rumors that Bieber went on a date with Kendall Jenner during Paris fashion week and that's why Gomez is feeling so alone.

What do you guys think, was Selena just sharing a moment of faith with her fans or has Justin Bieber broken her heart yet again?


Why do you think Selena Gomez seems so down on Twitter?

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