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Kanye West just made fans Kringe...he named both wife Kim Kardashian AND her sister Kourtney as his 'Girl of the Week'!

The Daily Mail reported that in his pre-global stardom days, Kanye had a little blog where he fan-boyed over his fave sexy female celebs...his 'Girl of the Week' section featured both future wife Kim Kardashian...and then her sister Kourtney.

Check out the screencaps from Kanye's blog:

Sexy sisters: Kim and Kourtney!
Sexy sisters: Kim and Kourtney!
Kourtney Kaught Kanye's eye!
Kourtney Kaught Kanye's eye!

Well, at least Kardashian-loving Kanye managed to bag himself one of the sexy sisters! Let's hope that Kim doesn't mind that Kanye thinks her sister is so sexy...


What do you think of Kanye's blunder?

Source: The Daily Mail


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