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Obviously, Arrow Season 2 was released on DVD a while back- actually, a few days away in Australia for me, because we seem to always be behind, thank god for online TV- but only now have I stumbled across the deleted scenes and bloopers again for season two, which I was meaning to post when I first saw them. So, yes, they have been out for a while, but no one seems to have reported on it, and as the self proclaimed unofficial and overexcited DC TV reporter wherever possible, I thought in the leadup to season three, I might as well put them in here for a bit of fun. They're all surprisingly good quality scenes (surprising as they didn't make the cut, that is) and the bloopers are definitely giggle worthy; Deathstroke dancing is particularly hysteria worthy.

The deleted scenes

Including but not limited to a cool fight between Roy Harper and Nyssa al Ghul, some more screentime for China White and Bronze Tiger, some more Alex Kingston as Dinah Lance reconciling with Detective Lance, some more Deathstroke action, teases at Felicity and Sara's friendship, and more.

And let's not forget that additional Harley Quinn scene. Perhaps most shockingly, the strangest and coolest of the deleted (alternate, I guess) scenes?

In Moira's death scene, an alternate scene was shot. Just before Slade stabs Moira, Oliver leaps to his feet and tackles Slade to the ground, bashing him in the head with his sword, knocking him out. Oliver rushes for Moira and hugs her, as Slade gets up behind him, and Thea cries out for help...and Oliver turns around and shoots Slade multiple times in the chest. Pretty drastic, but fun to watch.

Anyway, here it is! Thank Youtube uploader Leïla Salvatore.

The bloopers

These were out even further back, but I thought I'd put them here just so it was all nicely wrapped in one spot. Who knows, you can have a rewatch if you've already seen it, sure made me smile again. Featuring headsmacking, laughs, tickling, Deathstroke dancing, slips, falls and line stuff ups. (Thank you Youtube uploader PuzzledHats.)

And, for your convenience and enjoyment-

A little clip of just Deathstroke dancing. Thank you uploader Bruce Wayne. (Who I imagine is as much Bruce Wayne as I am a Sith Lord mixed with a time and relative dimensions in space time machine disguised as a police box.)

Let the countdown for season three- and the Flash, plus next week's Gotham- continue!


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