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Celebrity face merges are a thing right now, right? But I'm still waiting on the world's scientists to make these face merges happen in real life! OK, OK, I know it's impossible, but I just get some really good vibes from Macklemorgan Freeman... I need to meet him! They're the product of the densely populated There's more over there but first...

Check out my favorites from the page and vote for your favorite below...

LL Cool JFK - LL Cool J and John F Kennedy

Not all face merges come out as strikingly handsome and presidential as LL Cool JFK... wow! He would fix the economy. He would get crime off the streets. 100% would vote for this dude in 2016!

Dave Grohl Dirty Bastard - Dave Grohl and Ol' Dirty Bastard

It's really unfair that Dave Grohl Dirty Bastard had to follow the handsomeness of LL Cool JFK... yikes, those teeth!

Macklemorgan Freeman - Macklemore and Morgan Freeman

I NEED to meet this guy. I wonder if he would have Morgan's god-like voice or Macklemore's rapping talent? Or both?!

Steve Martin Luther King Jr - Steve Martin and Martin Luther King, Jr.

MLK's black caterpillar mustache complete with Steve's disheveled white hair is blowing my mind! Am I the only one that looks at this and sees an adult/baby combo??

Captain Kirk Hammett - Captain Kirk and Kirk Hammett

I'm all over the 'Metallica' logo on his shirt... Captain Kirk Hammett would have the Starship Enterprise rocking during open mic night! (Are there open mic nights in space?)

Brüno Mars - Bruno Mars and Brüno

I'm dying right now! This doesn't even seem like that much of a stretch. It's just a taller Bruno Mars trying a new line of work with a fresh haircut.

Slashley Olsen - Slash and Ashley Olsen

I feel like Slash and Ashley Olsen both upped their swag levels after this face merge. I'm not sure if Slashley is male or female... either way, I'm feelin' this look.

Richard Sherman Hemsley - Richard Sherman and Sherman Hemsley

I can't lie! I'm not sure if I am really a huge fan of this one. HOWEVER... I love Richard Sherman and George Jefferson so I'm down.



Which of these celebrity face merges do you like the best?


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