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Luc Besson's superimposed, female-driven adaptation of Limitless turned out to be a not so bad trip after all. Throw in some dreamy, sparkly blue substance, a little bit of ass kicking, car chases and a pretty girl, and just watch the audience duck, dive and run alongside Lucy, sharing her endless energy and drive. Although fearing that the come down would be, well, death....

Scarlett Johansson is back on our blockbuster screens shortly after dazzling us as Black Window ([Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973)), to invite us to meet Lucy. Studying in Taiwan, meeting the wrong, shifty looking people who, naturally, ask her for favours, seems to be the life of 25 year old Lucy. However, this particular favour, involving a silver briefcase being forced into her shaky hands, opens the walls and doors to the Korean drug world, run and organised by the big boss, Mr Jang, to whom this briefcase is to be delivered to.

With his entourage of ninja sheep and a rather dashing suit that seems to self clean, [Lucy](movie:935973), along with the other detainees, get used as drug mules to distribute a new type of synthetic drug (CPH4) to various parts of the world. When fights break out, Lucy's abdomen has an unfortunate run in with a Korean foot, causing the drug to release itself into her body. With her physicality strengthened and a new found 'brain' highly equipped with telekinesis and telepathy, she then has no problem escaping from her now puny captors, and having a good scran before hitting the road.

'What do you mean you haven't seen The Bucket List?'
'What do you mean you haven't seen The Bucket List?'

Meanwhile...back at the lab, Professor Samuel Norman (Morgan Freeman) is teaching an audience of students about the possibility of developing our minds to function at a much higher rate than 20%. We see now that Lucy is being our host by showing us what the human body and mind is capable of from functioning at 40%, 60% and eventually 100% of our brains capacity. Lucy takes refuge in Professor Normans knowledge and trust, making her way to see him to 'download' all she has learned. But with the Korean mob chasing her tail, she see's use for French police captain Pierre Del Rio (Amr Waked) to retain them. Leave the unicorn alone and stop dealing in drugs!

It's just like playing the harp...
It's just like playing the harp...

All will be relieved when she does eventually reach 100%, but that will be the surprise at the end for you. Although the concept did pull me back to Neil Burger's 2011 film, Limitless, it still had enough style, humour where appropriate, and a believable performance by Johansson. I won't divulge the ending in this review as I'm inclined to say that everyone will have a different opinion about it, at the pinnacle time when Lucy does eventually unlock 100% of her brain. I sense a mixture of 'ooooo's' and 'aaaah's' and what the f&$%! being included in the vocabulary of the unsatisfactory, 20% brain functioning audiences.

I would finally suggest that this is another film that you'd happily watch again on the TV, or have in the background when you're sitting on Google trying to find out if the first ever Monkey on planet Earth, was actually called Lucy.

Lucy is out in cinema's now!


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