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I don't know about you guys, but I was shocked when I learned that Chris Pine was cast as Cinderella's Prince in Into the Woods. As a former theater kid, my mind started racing. "Can Chris Pine even sing?" I screamed to myself (and maybe a little bit out loud).

After a bit of research, I found that Chris Pine can, in fact, sing. And that he can really, seriously sing! This, in turn, made me even more excited to see Into the Woods. It also made me realize that there are so many more fabulous actors who also have great singing voices that deserve to be talked about. Of course we have our the Hugh Jackmans, the Eddie Redmaynes, even the Zachary Levis. But we know that those people can sing because they've proven it time and time again. I suggest we branch out a bit!

Chris Pine

Oh Chris, I had no idea you were such a talented crooner. I also had no idea that watching a video could make me blush and my palms sweat! Bring on [Into the Woods](movie:342930). I'm ready for it!

Robert Downey Jr.

Who knew that Tony Stark had such an amazing singing voice? Or that he was friends with Sting? Or that he looked so good in a tux? Actually, we all knew that last one.

Ryan Gosling

If you haven't heard of Ryan's band Dead Man's Bones yet, then I feel bad for you, son. I've got 99 problems but listening to Ryan Gosling singing ain't one! Really though, they're a seriously amazing spooky, Halloween-themed band that records with a children's choir.

Jeremy Renner

Jeremy, don't be coy! You're an actor, a singer, a songwriter and there just so happens to be a piano right over there. Just go for it and see what happens! Oh wait, you're a talented musician too? That's cool. No biggie. *internally screaming*

Kevin Bacon

Honestly, the band name The Bacon Brothers is enough to get me to listen. Finding out that Kevin Bacon is the lead singer might have been an afterthought initially. But after hearing him sing, I'm just so glad that my love of music and bacon brought me here.

Matt Bomer

"Did you just f*cking record that?" Yes, and thank goodness they did. As if Matthew Bomer wasn't cute enough already, I think he just decided at one point that he would be the most swoon-worthy man on the planet. And then he did it.

Joseph Gordon Levitt

So I know a lot of us knew JGL could sing. BUT did you know that he can play guitar and sing in French? I can just imagine listening to this as we walk through the streets of Paris together. Take us away, Joseph!

Arthur Darvill

Arthur already played the exploding ovary-inducing role of the Doctor's sweetest companion, Rory. What if your ovaries (or movaries? male ovaries? is that a thing? that's not a thing.) are still somewhat intact? Well, watch this video of him being an all around amazing musician and wave goodbye to those suckers once and for all.

Talk about a group of Renaissance men. I'm sure none of us really needed another reason to love any of these guys, but now that I have one I'm absolutely ecstatic! Please, men featured on this post, form one giant band and serenade me to sleep each night. Let's just make that a thing that happens on the reg, alright?

Into the Woods will hit theaters on Dec 25, 2014.


Which actor's singing voice surprised you the most?


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