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Jerome Maida

Sylvia Soska's star - along with that of her twin sister Jen - is rising.

The "Twisted Twins", as they are affectionately called, are best known for their 2012 horror flick "American Mary" and also directed 2009's "Dead Hooker In A Trunk". Their upcoming films include 'See No Evil 2", a segment of "ABCs of Death 2", "Vendetta"and "XX".

While their star has quickly risen in the horror genre, their upcoming "Painkiller Jane" film - based on the popular comic-book character with remarkable regenerative abilities - is a golden opportunity to bring their twisted taste to a much broader audience.

But that's not what has Sylvia Soska excited.

No, what has Sylvia Soska pumped is working with the character's co-creator - and co-writer of the film's screenplay - Jimmy Palmiotti.

("He is) one of the greats", says Sylvia Soska of Palmiotti. "The greatest. You get into this industry because you love it. You love the stories and the characters - you don't always meet people in it for the same reasons. Then you get to meet an artist like Jimmy, who gets it. Who makes projects that are beyond the safe and boring that so many others get trapped in."

"He pushes the boundaries", Sylvia Soska continues. "He makes you think and he creates...very real, complicated worlds. I have an infinite amount of respect for him and his work."

"Painkiller Jane" is scheduled to hit theaters in 2015.


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