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Oh yes! The mother load of all CRAVE articles! You guys voted and here it is: The [Justice League](movie:401267) Members We CRAVE!

The rules are: You have to or had to have been a member of the Justice League, you are not confirmed to be in the Justice League movie (Sorry Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Flash, [Wonder Woman](movie:45787), Aquaman, and Shazam) and you have to be a bad-a**! So enough blabbering and lets get down to justice!

NOTE: I'm not necessarily saying they should be in the first Justice League movie, they just need to be in one at some point in time!

Also, if you want to see the Justice League Villains We CRAVE, check out my profile and you'll find it!

Martian Manhunter

J'onn J'onzz is a Manhunter, a keeper of the peace and authority figure on the planet Mars. Well trained in various skills, including telepathy, shape-shifting, and energy manipulation, and possessing a keen detective's mind with a compassionate heart, J'onn is among the greatest to have served as a Manhunter, and protected his home for many years.

In 1955, an Earth scientist named Dr. Saul Erdel, while experimenting with alien (possibly Martian) technology in secret, accidentally pulled J'onzz from Mars to Earth. This sudden revelation of a seven foot tall alien caused Dr. Erdel such a shock that his heart gave out, leaving J'onn stranded on a foreign planet with malfunctioning teleportation technology, and no easy way home.

J'onzz resolved to use his time on Earth to help others, upholding truth and justice as he had done on Mars for so many years. He has taken many forms and played many roles over the years: detective, spy, superhero, diplomat, corporate head; J'onn always uses his vast powers and abilities to protect the weak and serve the common good, as the Manhunter from Mars.

We love the Martian and need him in the Justice League movie! For some of you, he is an obvious choice and are wondering why I even put him in this list. Well when the New 52 titles came out, Cyborg replaced Martian. I do not want the first Justice League movie to include Cyborg, and not Martian. Sure, you can have both in there, but not just Cyborg (sorry that I'm ripping on Cyborg). Martian Manhunter is a major member of the Justice League and not only that, he leads the Justice League of America in the New 52 title which shows he is major business. So, as you can tell he is an important member of the DC universe and should be included in the Justice League movie. I mean c'mon! The guy can take on Superman, don't act like you don't want to see a fight scene between the two!

Green Arrow (Arrow)

A playboy who inherited millions of dollars when his parents died, Oliver Queen never gave much back to society and lived his life how he wanted; of course he made many rivals and enemies. After being pushed overboard by one of his own employees on his boat, Oliver was presumed dead and lost at sea, but, unknown to the world, he had survived and was lost in a deserted island. Oliver had a talent for archery and using his own initiative built a bow made out of spare parts of a broken generator.

After a long and horrible escape home Oliver used his vast fortune, and began to create various trick arrows to use under his new mantle. These include the rope arrow, the electric arrow, the explosive arrow, etc. Ollie did not stop there. Later on in his early years, he also built an Arrowcar, an Arrow Plane, and he even used the basic idea of the Bat-signal, appropriating it into the Arrow Signal.

Green [Arrow](series:720988) is in a similar boat to Martian Manhunter. There has been plenty of speculation on whether or not he'll be in a Justice League movie, or the show will crossover into the DCCU. But, again nothing has been 100% confirmed, but I think that they will bring Arrow into the DCCU. Since Arrow is doing a killer job with ratings, it's only smart for DC to bring Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen to the big screen to fight along side Batman, Superman, and all the others. I only have watched Arrow a couple of times, but it sold me on that I want Arrow to be in the Justice League! It will also help with the box office success for Warner Bros. 'wink wink'.

John Stewart

According to the Ancient Reader in the Tower of Talo, on the day of John Stewart's birth, an immortal Guardian of the Universe prophesied that John would would grow to become the legendary hero known as "The Opener of Doors."

Back on Earth, John's father drank, abused his mother, and instilled a reckless contempt for society in him before selfishly leaving the family. When John was fifteen, he went joyriding as he often did in his aunt's car along with his younger brother Damon and younger sister Rose. A drunk driver crashed into them, causing a terrible accident that killed Rose. The event was so traumatic for John that he blocked some of those memories and turned his attitude around to be more focused and disciplined.

Graduating from school, John wanted to become an architect, but he joined the U.S. Marine Corps first. The experience further honed his focus and discipline, and he excelled as a sniper. He succeeded in becoming an architect after leaving the corps. However, the job he landed in a firm only lasted eight months before he was fired. Reasons for his lay off were given, but the real reason that was apparent to John was racism.

When Guy Gardner was injured and unable to continue his duties as a Green Lantern, soon the Guardians of the Universe selected John to be Guy's temporary replacement. Hal Jordan did not initially agree with the Guardians decision, seeing John's anger toward society as making him unfit and untrustworthy for a power ring. However, John quickly proved Hal wrong and became much more than a temporary replacement for anyone.

Most people I know just want this guy so bad! One reason is, they didn't like the Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern, so they want a new Green Lantern. The second being, they loved John Stewart in the Justice League cartoons. I can't personally say that I want John Stewart, I for sure want a Green Lantern, but I have no total opinion on the situation. I mean of course it would be great to see John Stewart on the big screen, that would be sweet, but if Kyle Rayner or Hal Jordan are the Green Lantern, I won't mind either. This article can't always be my opinion, I got to listen to the people's opinion as well!

Are you upset with my picks? Do you have someone else in mind? ARE YOU SCARED OF CLOWNS? Well tell me in the comments, take the polls, and follow me for more CRAVE articles! Thanks for reading!


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Which Justice League Member do you want to bring justice to the big screen!


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