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The above incredible fan art courtesy of the Arrow Facebook page, who give credit to that fan art courtesy of! It's really great. Now, I know what you're saying- but we saw Arsenal's costume months ago at Comic Con. Yes, that's true.

But now, with images released from Episode 2, Sara, of Season 3, we see Arsenal's suit on its own mannequin in Oliver's hideout, complete with weapons alongside, all dyed red. It's pretty awesome.

The suit in all of its glory.
The suit in all of its glory.

With all of the photos Colton Haynes (Roy Harper) seems to be posting on his Twitter and Facebook, it's fair to say we'll be seeing him suit up a lot this series, including in the Arrow/Flash crossover. I'm really happy about that, because last season after he became Oliver's sidekick he was the victim of a couple of deleted scenes which left him absent from some episodes. With a suit as awesome as this, though, it'd be a crime to leave him out! Besides just the bow, we also see a look at some of Arsenal's renowned greater...well, arsenal- including blades which look like what will attach to separate handles, a set of flechettes like Oliver has, and the couple of rods he keeps by his boots and also on the shelves- similar to Escrima sticks. Remind you of another superhero, one of Roy's friends and an old partner of Batman?


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