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EDIT: Deadline Extended. Winner will be chosen on Friday, October 24th!

Another week, another giveaway. It's what we do here at Moviepilot! This week we're giving an EXCLUSIVE box package from our friends over at Fright-Rags!

Here's what you'll be getting (*valued at over $115):

  • All THREE EC Comics Limited Edition shirts
  • Exclusive EC Comics Logo Baseball Tee (only available in this set)
  • EC Comics Fan-Addict Patch
  • EC Comics Replica Fan-Addict Wallet Card
  • Collector's Box

Pretty cool package, right?! Here's what we need from you:

The most creative article about a horror film tagged with 'Contest'

This could be yours! All yours!
This could be yours! All yours!

Easy right? Feel free to express your love for all things Horror in different ways. We'll start you off with a couple of ideas on how you can win this amazing prize:

  • Why Halloween is the absolute best Horror franchise ever!
  • The top 10 moments from [A Nightmare On Elm Street 2](movie:1037378) that prove that Freddy Krueger is the absolute best
  • Awesome [Curse Of Chucky](movie:803602) art that's so scary that you just have to love it
  • An in-depth review on every Texas Chainsaw film explaining why it's your favorite

Anything goes with these articles, whatever you love about Horror movies, we want to see it shared on our site with our fans!

We'll be announcing the winner on October 24th. Only articles that are tagged with 'Contest' will be entered in and chosen! Comment with your article below so we don't miss it!

Wondering how you can get in on the action and write an article but don't know where to do it?! Sign up as a contributor!

Join as a contributor here and enter!

YAY for creators!
YAY for creators!

EC Comics was responsible for many of the best horror, Sci-Fi, and Crime books of the 40s and 50s. Most notable they brought Tales from the Crypt to life, yes that same Tales from the Crypt you're thinking about! In honor of their amazing 70 years, they partnered up with Fright-Rags to give you this exclusive EC Collectors Box!

Now, isn't that just so frighteningly nice of them?

Make sure to check out our friends over at Fright-Rags! They have some seriously awesome gear. Make sure to check out their Nightbreed shirts!

*Entries are agreements that you have read our Terms and Conditions


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