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Out of the mind of Kevin Williamson, who gave us Scream and the Fox TV series The Following comes Stalker, a new crime drama by CBS. The one thing about Stalker that you need to know is that the series has guts. Taking the very real act of stalking and giving the pilot episode the back drop of a man who stalks women to kill them in the most gruesome way possible(Burned Alive) seems very risky. Stalker is sure to turn heads and turn off many TVs across America.

The series stars Maggie Q(“Nikita”) and Dylan McDermott (“American Horror Story”) as detectives attached to the LAPD’s Threat Assessment Unit, whose main focus is handling stalking incidents. The show follows Lt. Beth Davis, (Maggie Q) and Jack Larsen (McDermott), as they are partnered up to tackle these cases.


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