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Let me start by saying, some of you are gonna dislike how I'm going to do this, but I really don't give a shit.

Da Rules:

1) There may or may not be profanity. You have been warned.

2) I have made this fan cast with 'Titans', in my head, being connected to The CW's 'Arrow', 'The Flash' & CBS' 'Supergirl'. Because if 'Titans' have a chance to be connected to The CW, then 'Supergirl' has the same chance.

3) I usually make my fan casts with actors that I have yet to use in a fan cast because I'm a dipshit.

4) Part 1 will consist of the beginning team of Titans, in my opinion. It may be logical to me, but be super illogical to some of you. So, if you find something illogical, please drop a reasonable comment in the gootch explaining how & why my idea(s) are illogical. Thank you!

5) I picked actors/actresses that have TV experience, except 1 actor that has been in the acting biz for just under 2 years with no TV experience, but could choose to do TV.

6) I also picked through actors/actresses that are not currently attached to another TV series.

Let's start with the obvious & practically 100% confirmed,

Dick Grayson/Nightwing;

The man that I picked is a HUGE fan favorite for the role of Nightwing & now with both Titans being on TV & that this man is done with his latest TV series, I went with...

Ian Somerhalder. WB alumni, good age, physically in shape enough for Nightwing, I believe he has the right acting ability & overall, I think he is probably the best pick for a TV Nightwing.

The next obvious choice for the Titans,

Roy Harper/Arsenal;

Colton Haynes, to me, is fucking phenomenal as Roy! I would not change a damn thing with this casting. Hopefully, that "big surprise" at the end of 'Arrow' episode 8 is Dick Grayson recruiting Roy for "a team of heroes that takes no orders, but gives orders." I can just imagine seeing Dick & Roy doing what Charles & Erik did in 'X-Men: First Class', just going around & recruiting random heroes to join the Titans.

This next character is one that a lot of people are hoping for in this series; especially if connected to The CW,

Joesph Wilson/Jericho;

We already know Jericho exists in the CW-verse due to Slade's subtle talks about 'his son.' I would want Dick to know exactly who Joe is when they (Roy & DIck) recruit him. I would love it if Dick wouldn't tell Roy anything about Jericho. But, back to the casting part of this. I picked 2 actors for this role.

Sam Claflin. Mainly known for his Hunger Games fame. Just looking at Sam, he can do it. I think he can give great range as a mute who believes in violence as a final resort. Sam has the look, the right age, the overall experience. But I do have another that could be just as good as Sam Claflin...

Will Poulter. Known for 'The Maze Runner' & 'We're The Millers'. I think Will has great range, has the look to be Jericho &, c'mon, seeing him as the son of Manu Bennett, I mean, Slade Wilson, would be amazing!

My next Titan is a love interest character for the series,

Barbara Gordon/Oracle;

Since Harley Quinn already exists in 'Arrow', I would assume Barb would be 'chair bound by the time 'Titans' hits the small screen. To be completely honest, I really love the relationship between Dick Grayson & Barbara Gordon. Now, am I saying that there shouldn't be relationship issues with other Titans later down the road? No. I'm saying, this relationship should already exist by the time the series starts. Onto the casting choice!

Sarah Wayne Callies. Looking at Sarah & I think she is the perfect Felicity character for this series. The ultra-brainiac character that "just happens" to be smokin' hot. The only difference between the characters of Felicity & Barbara, a type of chair. Sarah has the look, age & personality to be a part of this cast.

This next Titan has a split fan base as of late because of DC's New 52 take on the character,

Wally West/Kid Flash;

Now, this, was the hardest to cast! With the West family being a black family, I had go through a shit ton of actors that could play Wally. The majority of actors I came across were a little too old to play Wally. And when I mean old, I mean 32, 33, 35, 38+. I couldn't find an actor that could play a young hero such as Wally that also happens to be, or at least looks like, a half-white, half-black actor... but I did!

Noah Gray-Cabey. Known for his 'Heroes' fame as young Micah Sanders. Yeah, that young machine guru grew up! And anybody that has seen 'Heroes' knows that Noah can act fairly well. Another reason finding an actor to play Wally was so difficult was because of Grant Gustin's age. Grant is so young that finding an actor that was old enough to be a believable Wally while being young enough to be a believable sidekick. Like, can you imagine Grant as Flash & someone like Terry Crews as Kid-Flash? Yeah, not real believable is it?

This next Titan is a hard character to portray on TV, but if the Wonder Twins can get on 'Smallville',...

Beast Boy can be in 'Titans'. Hopefully, if my dreams come true, we can see the Doom Patrol on 'The Flash' before we die of Ebola. I think we can all admit there is not a really good Titans/Young Justice team without Beast Boy. But, ONTO THE CASTING!

Ansel Elgort. 'Member when I said there was an actor with really no acting experience? Well... By the movies I have seen of Ansel's, I can say he isn't that bad. Definitely better than certain actors (*cough* Kristen Stewart)... There is no second cough. Off topic, if you can't tell by now, I am not a fan of K-Stew. Back to the topic at hand. I picked Ansel off of the acting I have seen from him & his physical appearance. It was hard to pick an actor that wasn't already in another series.

And the final Titan I picked for the main team...

Tara Markov/Terra:

I would have Terra be Garfield's love interest throughout the first season. By the end of the 1st season the 2 finally become a couple for maybe a season or 2 before a certain demon spawn joins the team. I don't think Terra would or should get introduced before the series. I think Terra is that type of character that doesn't need an origin on another show. The actress I chose to portray the Earthbender...

Bailey Noble. No stranger to the fantastical, Bailey has the age, the TV acting ability & physical look to be Terra. If you have seen Bailey on 'True Blood', then you know that she is no stranger to being in the crossfire... even if she is the one captured.

Once I get done with Part 2, I'll link it here in this article to make things easier for those that find it easier! But, let me know what you thought of my idea of a realistic beginning team as of right now in the CW-verse.

EDIT: Here's the link to 'Part 2':,manual


What Teen Titan/Young Justice Member do you wish would end up on TNT's 'Titans'?

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