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Fans of the celebrated horror franchise will be able to engage in new, terrifying experiences within the F.E.A.R. universe. Following player feedback from a closed beta, there has been an extensive redesign and gameplay adjustments making for a truly unique first-person shooter game.

With the addition of new maps, a new scenario, and a redesigned crafting system which allows for making one-of-a-kind weapons, F.E.A.R. Online will deliver what fans have been asking for.

"We are excited to introduce F.E.A.R. Online to millions of PC gamers with the launch on the Steam platform," said Dr. Pascal Zuta, CEO of Aeria Games. "Taking player feedback to heart, our team has redesigned elements of the game that are most important to players to deliver an experience that we hope will please the vast and dedicated fan base of the F.E.A.R. series."

In F.E.A.R. Online, tensions reach a boiling point as the F.E.A.R. task force investigates Armacham Technology Corporation's unsettling experiments.With several team combat modes spanning more than ten ominous maps, the game is packed with chilling details.


The storyline continues in cooperative scenarios that detail the terrifying occurrences surrounding the F.E.A.R. team, in parallel to the events of F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin. Up to four players can team up and fight for their lives against both hostile Armacham personnel and hideous monsters lurking around every corner.

Quick reminder

F.E.A.R.: First Encounter Assault Recon is a first-person shooter psychological horror video game developed by Monolith Productions and was the first game in the F.E.A.R. series.


F.E.A.R. simulates combat from a first-person perspective. The protagonist's body is fully present, allowing the player to see their character's torso and feet while looking down. Within scripted sequences, when rising from a lying position or fast-roping from a helicopter for example, or climbing ladders, the hands and legs of the protagonist can be seen performing the relevant actions.

A prominent gameplay element is "reflex time", which slows down the game world while still allowing the player to aim and react at normal speeds. As the player progresses through the game they will be able to pick up injections that will increase the amount of health, and reflex time they have. Reflex time is used to simulate the character's superhuman reflexes.

Reflex time is represented by stylized visual effects, such as bullets in flight that cause air distortion or interact with the game's particle effects. F.E.A.R. lead designer Craig Hubbard stated that Monolith Productions' primary goal was


"to make combat as intense as the tea house shootout at the beginning of John Woo's Hard Boiled." He continued on to say that "defeating ... enemies ... with style" was crucial to this goal and that reflex time plays a large role in "making the player feel like they are an action movie hero."

A core element of F.E.A.R. is its horror theme, which is heavily inspired by Japanese horror. The design team attempted to keep

" the psychology of the encounter" in the player's mind at all times, in order to "get under the player's skin", as opposed to the "in your face 'monsters jumping out of closets' approach".

Lead designer Craig Hubbard stated in an interview that "horror is extremely fragile ... you can kill it by spelling things out too clearly and you can undermine it with too much ambiguity".

He remarked that he attempted to strike a balance with the narrative elements of F.E.A.R., to give players

"enough clues so that they can form their own theories about what's going on, but ideally [they will] be left with some uncertainty". Lead level designer John Mulkey stated, "Creating expectation and then messing with that expectation is extremely important, predictability ruins a scary mood".


The main source of the game's horror is Alma, a ghostly little girl. Craig Hubbard remarked that

"a guy in a mask chasing co-eds with a meat cleaver can be scary, but on some level you're thinking to yourself you could probably kick his ass if you got the drop on him...but when a spooky little girl takes out an entire Delta Force squad, how are you supposed to deal with that?"

While Alma has been compared to the character Samara from The Ring, Craig Hubbard stated that she "... was born out of a tradition of eerie, faceless female ghosts ..." and not "... as an answer to any specific movie character."

So buckle up October 17, F.E.A.R. is coming to your house!


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