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The Horror Honeys

Entirely unappealing, all-around unattractive human specimen, Erik, gets the chance of a lifetime to "re-vamp" his life after an encounter with a stylish stranger in white contact lenses.

Erik Sparrow is one of the lucky ones. He's got a good job. He's in a stable relationship. He lives in one of the greatest cities in the world. Does he deserve it? Probably not. He's not too bright. He's not very attractive. He's not at all ambitious. He's chubby and he's always complaining. And when his girlfriend Jody proposes to him, he doesn't even have the good sense to accept her offer. He'll never find a woman like this again. Instead, Erik bumbles his way around the issue, offering one excuse after another for not getting married. When Jody dumps him and starts seeing an old flame from college, Erik tries to win her back. When he fails, he attempts to date other women, but the results are disastrous. Erik's starts falling apart. His job grows more unfulfilling. He becomes obsessed with a kinky co-worker who has no interest in him. He becomes riddled with despair. One night, Erik meets an enigmatic stranger who asks him, "Do you want to die?" and then everything changes...

If vampires had white eyes, I think people would notice a little more...not so subtle...

Summer of Blood looks like some campy fun...and is also a nice reminder that being a vampire isn't all about looking stoic and moody in the dark. Way to take advantage of your new powers, Erik!

Summer of Blood is still making the festival rounds, so there's no release date for it yet...keep your eye on this one.


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