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Okay , so now there's a review on The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 1 released on 2nd October'14 .. For all TVD lovers there's a good news that the story is taking tremendous turn .. Damon died but ELENA hallucinate and sees Damon .. she takes drugs just to see the one she loves the most and is dead.. these drugs are provided by LUKE that allow her to communicate with DAMON . These drugs make her very thirsty due to which she kills few people although mystic falls is now a NO MAGIC ZONE .. Caroline on the other hand thinks that Elena isn't grieving but she has no idea about what is really going on .. Elena accepts that she can't do this forever therefore she asks Alaric to compel her to forget Damon.

TYLER is back to life , he's a new student at Whitmore with his past werewolf rage issues.

Jeremy is drinking, playing video games , hooked up with random girls and doing everything possible to move on and forget BONNIE.

Stefan doesn't receivers anyone's call , shatters his phone and accepts that he's has truly lost his brother and doesn't want to face anyone.

But but but in the END , DAMON AND BONNIE are hidden away in a cabin.


Where exactly DAMON and BONNIE are?

What's next .. I'M EXCITED

And 1 more good news NINA DOBREV would be seen in THE ORIGINALS soon , so it is predicted that she'll soon be leaving MYSTIC FALLS.


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