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I was a kid, I was bored and I wanted to do something special. So I started to create my own movie. At first, I thought it would be finished in one year. I never thought it would take almost a decade to produce a full-length movie alone. I was wrong. I grew up while creating the scenes from the first to the last, one by one, then re-creating the first scenes to make them have an acceptable quality.

A reckless idea...

So where should I start? Creating movies have never been my profession, I'm just a programmer. I always wanted to be a programmer and I never thought about becoming a movie producer/director. I started to learn how to code at highschool - just for fun at that time. Then I started studying Software Information Technology at university, that was the time when IT became my profession.

I was trying to create exciting computer games from the beginning, actually they were the subjects on which I learned to build computer programs. Alien War game was one of them. It was supposed to be a first person shooter with real time strategy elements, drivable vehicles and controllable squads of NPCs.

Alien War: The factory
Alien War: The factory

The project started in september 2001, but I can't remember the day. Since I was the only developer, I never kept any documentations on it. The game was never successful among my friends since it had lots of bugs. AI, Physics, and graphics were simply too complicated for my strongly limited free time and couldn't get them work the way it was supposed to be. After years of fixing, in september 2005 I just had enough and suspended the project for an indefinite period of time. I decided to reboot the project as an animated science fiction movie. The video-intros and outros of the game have been created quite fast so I thought the movie would be finished in a year. What I didn't take into account was quality. A movie must have better quality than a PC game intro. However, the scene-creation took a long time, I found this more exciting than fixing lots of bugs all the time so I decided to continue. The plan was simple: rewrite the story, create a movie then create the PC game as a sequel.

Alien War: Battlefield C5
Alien War: Battlefield C5

With several extended interruption, it took nine years to complete all scenes, re-create the ones having the lowest quality and do the finalization works. I still don't know whether it was a good idea or a bad idea. I have seen the movie a hundred times, I know everything about it, I know exactly what's gonna happen in it but I don't know how people will react when they watch it first. This is the trial. I got some feedback from friends before the finalization works and I tried to fix everything they told me to fix.

Alien War: Otherworld
Alien War: Otherworld

However, I was planning to sell the movie to some TV channels or get it published on commercial DVDs, that was before I finished all scenes and now I think it would need further improvements for selling it, so I decided to publish it as a free movie. It has been created as a hobby and not as a profession so don't expect Hollywood-quality but I tried to do my best.

The plot

Alien War: Arrival
Alien War: Arrival

In a distant city of sin a team of soldiers and scientists find an ancient spaceship wreck site with heavy weapons and advanced alien technology. Being blinded by their own conflicts they ignore the true message of the ruins: once these pieces of technology have been used for killing by someone before disappearing and becoming forgotten and stepping on the path of the ancients will bring them only death, pain and suffering.

Alien War: Nemesis
Alien War: Nemesis

During this time, a damaged alien spaceship is landing on Earth near the city to get it fixed. Most of the crew is looking for suitable materials in an old factory, the others decide to discover the city and find out if people living there are friendly or dangerous. They accidentally get involved in a fight between the local mafia and law enforcement and this mistake catches the attention of the military agency, which starts to chase the aliens for their technology.

An obsessed cop also starts to investigate the case for his long desired professional recognition, although he knows he is risking his own life. As his investigation goes, more and more signs are suggesting that the aliens and the ancient shipwreck are connected on a bizarre way and this connection goes deeper thank he could ever imagine.

About the movie

  • Written and produced by: Robert Abraham
  • Genre: animated science-fiction, thriller
  • Runtime: 3 hours 6 minutes
  • Rating by author: R (People under 17 years may only be admitted if accompanied by a parent or guardian for violence and strong language). This is not an official rating but it seems OK compared to other movies in this category.

Where you can watch the movie...

The movie can be found on YouTube and DailyMotion. You can watch the movie by visiting either of the following links:

for YouTube and

for DailyMotion.

Hope you like it and have fun :)

PS: sorry for my English, this is not my native language and I haven't practiced for a while.


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