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So I recently got into Netflix again and I discovered this epic little anime hiding in the annals of their cartoons section, which is enough to make me cringe, but that's a story for another time. The basic plot is that in the year 2022, video game designer Akihiko Kayaba develops the world's first full-dive virtual reality MMO, dubbed Sword Art Online. The game takes place in the floating castle Aincrad, which has 100 floors. On the day the game officially launches, beta tester Kirigaya Kazuto, known in the game as Kirito, logs in with hundreds of thousands of other players from across the world, only to find that they are unable to log out because Kayaba has rigged the game so that if a player attempts to log out or force a logout, they die in real life. If the player is killed by a monster or boss, they die IRL as well. The only way to escape the game is to organize and fight as one to clear all 100 floors of Aincrad and beat the game, and so an epic struggle for life ensues.

Now, I know. That sounds easily adaptable. But do we really need a repeat of Dragonball: Evolution? Because that is what Hollywood would do to SAO. They would water down the epic love story between Kirito and Asuna until it was nothing more than a classic case of teenage lust. They would completely do away with such central and awesome characters as Agil and Klein, and they would destroy the moral code that Kirito lives by, reducing him to nothing more than a thug with a sword and a pretty kick-ass trench coat. I can't bear to see that happen. It's not okay. Anime like SAO thrive off of deep, complex characters and storylines, and those storylines often include engrossing love stories. Even worse, they would make one film of it and then spawn a remake of the second season, in which Kirito travels through the VRMMO Alfheim Online searching for Asuna, who has yet to awaken in the real world, after seeing a picture taken in-game of his lady love. Another film adaptation that would destroy the epicness of the original.

So what do you think? SAO remake or nah? Let me know below.


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