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Steven “Geeked Out” Merced

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Hey there comic book readers welcome to the Comic Crossovers Podcast EP:31 as always my name is Steven and I am joined by my two co-host Jessica and Jideobi. For those of you that don’t know the comic crossovers podcast is geekedoutnation.coms comic book podcast. Every week we get together and discuss the best comic book related news stories, as well as review some books. Every once in a while we through in a major topic to shake things up. We record live every Friday night at 8pm over on the Geekedoutnation YouTube channel. So if you want to see our pretty faces head over there and show us some love.

This week was a very slow news week, so we only have 4 news stories to discuss. So some of the topics on today’s show will be about ALL-NEW X-FACTOR being Cancelled, MILES TELLER saying the FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot is avoiding Overly Comic-Book World’ and Distributors Announce Sales Figures for September. We will also be reviewing and discussing 3 books this week in the form of Gotham Academy #1, Thor #1 and Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #1


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