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During the filming of the horror flick [Annabelle](movie:1217914) directed by the cinematographer of The Conjuring John R. Leonetti in an interview with The Hollywood reporter claimed that 2 supernatural events happened during production describing the events as "Really creepy" here is an excerpt from the Hollywood reporter

"The first [incident] was when we were prepping," says Leonetti. "We went into the apartment where we were shooting, and in the transient window above the living room window. It was a full moon, and there were three fingers drawn through the dust along the window, and our demon has three fingers and three talons"

The producer of the film Peter Safran also confirmed the second occurence

"We shot in this amazing, old apartment building near Koreatown and we had some funky stuff go down," Safran told THR. "In particular, the first day that the demon was shooting in full makeup, we brought the demon up in the elevator. He walks out and walks around to the green room to where we’re holding the talent, and just as he walks under — a giant glass light fixture is being followed by the actor playing the handyman of the building — and all of a sudden the entire glass light fixture falls down on his head, the janitor‘s head. And in the script the demon kills the janitor in that hallway. It was totally freaky."

On recent research on my behalf I have found out that the Annabelle doll is actually real and protected as much in the Warren's Occult Museum, Connecticut (might pay a visit if I get the chance), it is blessed every month by the local priest. An image below reveals the real doll James Wan based the doll on

Further more Leonetti reports that a person he knew died after he watched the film

"The fact that it is real is awesome because it really sets the tone [of the film] because it‘s real," said Leonetti. "It could really f—ing scare people. Actually one guy I knew died after he saw it, crazy shit."

In my opinion this could be all fake, the reason why I put a question mark on the title. You see this is common practice among studios to hype their product and typically in horror films they report freak occurrences in order to entice the audiences, it could be a marketing ploy or it could be real, citing the supernatural occurrences that happened around horror flicks like Omen and The Exorcist.

Don't worry any way the movie is absolute garbage. Not kidding, absolute waste of currency. Watch Gone Girl instead...


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