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Kim Kardashian will guest star as herself in the Season 4 premiere of 2 Broke Girls.

“They need a big bump, and providence sort of smiles on them when they find out that Keeping Up With the Kardashians is doing a segment in Williamsburg, and that they may make an appearance at their shop. The girls know what that kind of exposure would mean to them. And it turns out there is a bit of a cherry on the ice cream, or the cupcake, because Kim does appear at their window.”

Michael Patrick King, executive producer, tells TVLine and then adds:

“Because it’s a comedy, and because they are broke, it’s not a complete silver lining. But it is an incredibly sparkly star at the end.”
“There are the typical 2 Broke Girls jokes all about [the Kardashians] in the episode, so, it’s fun to see someone have a great sense of humor about herself. She read the script, she thought it was funny and she came. We could’ve [shot] the exact same [episode] without her — but she was the cherry on top.”

2 Broke Girls returns to CBS on Monday, October 27th.

(Source: TVLine)


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