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GUNNY - The War Within

A film about a United States Marine Gunnery Sergeant who is fighting the war on terrorism in Afghanistan, while wrestling with his own inner demons. Troubled with the moral dilemma of right and wrong, he searches for balance while continuing to follow orders. Flashbacks of his family back in the states and the man he used to be haunts him and blurs his perception of war. A trained killing machine who is forced to lead men to do the most unspeakable acts while trying not to complete lose the man he used to be.

Gunny wakes up everyday thinking that today will be different but as his orders come in that thought fades. He knows that when he loads his weapon and pulls his skull bandana over his face the killer within will be unleashed. His alter ego of the grim reaper drives him into a killing frenzy and worries the men around him. His commanding officers love his results but also see the balancing act of his mental stability.

Will he ever find inner peace with who and what he has become or will he simply fade off into the darkness?

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