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Sometimes Marvel introduce a love affair into their stories that we all love, such as Captain America/Black Widow, Storm/Wolverine, and Rogue/Gambit. But sometimes they just don't work out, and sometimes, they are just plain down-right creepy. Here are my top 5 creepiest Marvel Love Affairs:

5: Doc Ock and Aunt May

Now, in Amazing Spider-man #131 Doc Ock manipulates Aunt May into marrying him. That sentence should really be enough to send shivers down your spine. Can you imagine? Spidey's greatest adversary being his, Uncle? Sure, it's a great ploy to get closer to your greatest enemy I guess, but what's really insulting about this would be the fact that Peter's Uncle Ben would be wiped from his Aunt's mind and replaced with a psychopath with four mechanical arms and who would try to kill her nephew everyday.

4: Kitty Pryde and Colossus

Most of you may be shocked to find this one on my list, but this relationship wasn't always well received by fans. When it first began, Kitty Pryde was 14, and Colossus was 19. Now that is very very weird. So weird that Jim Shooter, Marvel's Editor in Chief at the time, disapproved of the suggestion that a 14 year old girl would be sleeping with a 19 year old boy. Do we blame him? No, of course we don't. When you look in the papers now a days, you see people being shamed and even sent to court because they were sleeping with someone who was under 18. Marvel have publicized a relationship that, if it happened in real life, would send Colossus to prison! Now that is not cool. Unfortunately for the fans, Shooter brought an end to this by killing Colossus in the Fall of The Mutants storyline. The relationship was then resurrected in Joss Whedons Astonishing X-Men run, to fan approval.

3: Scarlet Witch and The Vision

Vision, an android originally designed by Ultron to destroy the Avengers, later joins the team and falls in love with Scarlet Witch. The two then decide to start a romantic relationship which is objected to by both Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch's brother, and Hawkeye, who deeply loved her. Vision and Scarlet Witch then decide to get married and soon after, with help from her magic of course, have two kids.

I don't know about you guys, but I find this very weird. A lot of people seem to love the idea, so much so that they want the relationship to be explored in Age of Ultron. There are others, including me, who can't quite grasp the concept of a mutant/cyborg love affair. It's just too creepy. What really get's me is her creating babies using her magic. Now, I could understand if they made cyborg's like Vision and gave them human traits, but making babies then giving birth to them? That just isn't right.

2: Nightcrawler and... his sister?

Now, I know what you are all thinking "Kurt Wagner, the devout Christian and morally correct man, dating his sister? It cannot have happened! I choose not to believe it!" Well, you would be both correct and wrong. Yes, Kurt did date his sister, but not knowingly.

Nightcrawler, and the rest of the X-men were dragged to hell by Margali, Nightcrawler's adopted, gypsy mother, in order for him to go on trial for killing Margali's son, Stefan, who was Kurt's adopted brother. Kurt's adoptive sister, Jimaine, then appears in his defense and he is later released. Back on Earth, Kurt then asks where his sister has been all this time as he has not seen her in years. What she reveals to him is something utterly shocking. Jimaine has actually been living as a human called Amanda Sefton, Kurts girlfriend of several months. That's right. Kurt has been sleeping with his sister for the past few months. Where are your morals now, huh?

What makes it worse? HE TOTALLY ACCEPTS IT! Instead of burning all his clothes and stepping in the longest shower of his life, he accepts the fact that he is dating his sister, and it is implied that he wants to continue dating her!

1: Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch!


What could be worse than dating your adopted Sister? Dating your actual sister. What could be worse than that? Dating your twin sister with whom you have been inseparable since birth.

That's right people, the amazing Twin duo, who will soon be hitting the big screen in Age of Ultron, shared an incestuous relationship together. While there may have been some way to defend the previous affairs on this list, there is no way that you could defend this one!

The "Twincest" has been alluded in The Ultimates and The Ultimates 2, but it is in The Ultimates 3 that we have no doubts about their relationship. Now in the Ultimates Universe, Wolverine had an affair with Magda, Magneto's partner, which means that Pietro and Wanda could be Wolverine's children! Well... check this out...

Yeah... Wolverine just watched his children have sex with each other. That happened. The thing that gets me is how the comic doesn't seem to bother with the "Twincest." Everyone seems to find it okay. Just look at Wasp telling Captain America:

How can you talk about it so normally and then patronize Cap for not comprehending that they are having an affair?


What is the creepiest Marvel Love Affair?

So those are my Top 5 Creepiest Marvel Love Affairs. Make sure to come back next week for my Top 5 Greatest Marvel Love Affairs

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