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Here we are again! Many people have actually asked me personally to do this one and in the last post when I was checking to see who won the votes, it was a tie between SHAZAM and Aquaman. So, [Aquaman](movie:264237) will be first and tomorrow will be the SHAZAM Characters we CRAVE (which is now posted)!

Anyway, I welcome you to the 18th CRAVE post: The Aquaman Villains we CRAVE! There are really no rules except for that you have to be an Aquaman Villain and a total bad-a**! So lets set aside those Aquaman jokes and get to work!

NOTE: I'm mainly referring to the New 52 Aquaman character, when he is a total bad-a**!

Black Manta

David was an autistic boy who became an inmate in Arkham Asylum because of his abnormal condition. Showing intense pain from laying on bedspreads and sheets, David spent a painful and torturous past being strapped to his bed every night. This abnormal expression from David would take a much more abnormal approach when David would be seen finding comfort within freezing cold waters. Growing up with a fascination for Aquaman, David would go through numerous experiments that eventually altered his autism, but left him with devastating results, as David was now more violent and dangerous. With this mindset, David set out to do what he felt was his true destiny, which was rule the seas and kill off its king, Aquaman. His powers include slightly above-average strength and quick mastery of new equipment, fueled by rage. He also has a helmet that shoots out energy blasts and allows him to go deep underwater.

For some people it might be surprising to hear that he is one of my top 10 favorite villains of all time. I just really love this guy. He has a creative origin, awesome powers, and is just an awesome looking villain. He is terrifying looking and on top of that, he is a total psychopath that killed Aquaman's son! You can't argue that you don't want him in an Aquaman movie, more preferably the first, so we can see him sooner!

Ocean Master

Orm Marius is the half-brother of Aquaman and the illegitimate son of the wizard Atlan, who sired Marius by an unknown mother in accordance with an Atlantean prophecy claiming the two brothers would vie for control of the kingdom. Orm lost his first love Kako to Aquaman and, seething with hatred, swore to kill the King of the Seven Seas and become the new king. His powers include a trident that fires powerful mystical energy blasts, and he is amphibious, able to breathe underwater, and swim at great speeds.

Now, I really do want Black Manta to be in the first movie, but it is way more likely Ocean Master will be in it. They could show the origin of Aquaman while showing the origin of Ocean Master, similar to what they did with Thor and Loki. It would just blend better and pave the way for Black Manta to come on in. Either way Ocean Master will be in an Aquaman movie no matter what, and also he is pretty sweet. I mean just look at that mask!


Who? Some people might be surprised by this pick, which is good because I like surprising people. This character is considered a minor character and doesn't have that much of a back story. So why would I put him in this list? Because he did the one thing no one could do: make Aquaman lose his hand.

Of course he would never be the main villain in the movie, but more like Bane in Batman and Robin (but way better). Probably not in the first movie or even the second, but the third would be sweet. Imagine a fight between Aquaman and Charybdis that ends in Charybdis kicking the crap out of Aquaman and feeding his hand to piranhas (in the new 52, Black Manta cuts it off, but either way)! Come on, you at least have to understand why I CRAVE him!

Do you agree with me? Do you disagree with me? Does Aquaman really suck, and shouldn't come to the [Justice League](movie:401267) at all? Tell me in the comments, take them polls and follow me for more CRAVE articles and awesome stuff! Thanks for reading and don't forget to just keep swimming!



King Shark


The Eel



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