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Kill the moon is no doubt one of the darkest and most conflicting episodes of series 8 so far. We see Courtney Woods join the Doctor and Clara on this adventure as the Doctor tries to make her feel special. The first woman on the moon.

The episode picks up quickly as Clara tells the Doctor Courtney Woods has been acting erratic. He had also made her feel unimportant when he told her she wasn't important and was forced by Clara to apologise. Instead of saying he 'didn't mean it,' he pledged to make Courtney the first woman on the Moon. On arrival they materialise on-board a shuttle craft crashing toward the lunar surface. One hundred nuclear devices were present aboard the shuttle as the moon had mysteriously gained weight, causing mass death on Earth from monstrous king tides; flooding whole cities.

I hope they brought their gumboots!
I hope they brought their gumboots!

Upon the rough landing the ships astronauts Lundvik the female Captain and her two male officers: Duke and Henry. These characters were very diverse one was very timid and the other was a neutral presence. However Ludvik was hell bent on saving Earth anyway possible and never expected to come away from the moon alive.

'One small step for a thing, one giant step for a thingy thing,' - Courtney Woods, first woman on the moon.

Prior to the catastrophe on Earth a privately funded Mexican science team landed on the Moon to do a series of mineral surveys. All team members perished by unknown means and the only transmissions that were sent back were screams. By the time the transmissions were being sent the moons tidal forces were already making massive changes to the Earth and its gravity well. Most satellites had been destroyed and only a few remained.

No-one returned for ten years until NASA scrounged up an old shuttle and repaired it so it would fly. Ludvink and her untrained officers were the supposed last astronauts. When the Doctor and the team find the main camp of the Mexicans he soon discovers images of several lunar basins that had increased in size. The increase in size suggested that the moons surface was moving, like tectonic activity.

This sparked the Doctors intrigue and soon it was realised that the moon was breaking apart as its mass increased. Ludvink sent Henry back to the shuttle to prime the warheads for detonation. However an alien spider had found them and on attempting to escape Duke was killed and Courtney nearly met the same fate. However the cleaning products she had brought with her killed the spider when sprayed. This led the Doctor to assume the spiders were in fact germs, or some kind of bacteria.

That is one big spider.
That is one big spider.

In a bought of fear Courtney insisted on going home so the Doctor took her to the TARDIS and told her to stay put. The Doctor, Clara and Ludvink continued on the assumption the spiders were bacteria or germs.

This theory was further confirmed when they found that their were millions of spiders swarming under the moons crust, hiding from direct sunlight. The final nail in the proverbial coffin was the discovery of amniotic fluid on the moon. The Doctor descended into the fluid and said he would be back.

On their way back to the shuttle Ludvink and Clara find Henry's dead body, only the bones were left. After that the shuttle fell into an expanding chasm taking the TARDIS with it. This is where the episode really picks up.

The Doctor emerges and informs them that the moon is actually an egg and within it is a large being weighing one point eight billion tons. At this point Ludvink is adamant that the best course of action is to kill it with the one hundred nuclear warheads she had brought with her, however Clara isn't so sure. The Doctor advices Courtney to activate the TARDISes quick return system and the TARDIS re materialises. This is where the Doctor goes full Timelord.

He insists that the decision on whether to kill the creature or save it was not up to him, rather it was up to humans. This is one the best scenes I have witnessed in Doctor who ever and the first time the Doctor has not intervened in accordance with one of the laws of time. The no interfering law of time is much like Star Treks prime directive.

The Doctor leaves Clara, Courtney and Ludvink behind leaving them to figure out what to do. At this point the bacterial spiders are penetrating the moons surface in horde strength and a decision had to be made. Somehow Earth ground control made contact with them via a TV satellite and Clara put the decision to the people of Earth: save or kill the creature. If the population turned their lights off it would mean the creature should be killed but if the lights stayed on the creature would live. The lights went out.

Despite humanity's decision Clara stopped the countdown of the warheads and the TARDIS reappeared. The Doctor took them to a beach where they watched the creature break free of the disintegrating moon. As it left the creature laid a second egg, therefore giving Earth its moon back and a stable gravity well. Ludvink returned to NASA and Courtney returned to school with Clara, however Clara had a bone to pick.

Clara scolded the Doctor for what he did, leaving them to sort it out themselves as she had become accustom to his help. She tried her best to make him see reason but a Timelord who has lived for a few thousand years isn't easily persuaded.

'You walk our Earth Doctor, breathe our air.You make us your friend and that is your moon to and you damn help us when we need it,' - Clara Oswald.

She stormed off the TARDIS and the Doctor left her to her daily routine. In her classroom she was approached by Danny Pink who gave her some advice on how to deal with it, and how this reminded him of the day he left the army.


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