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A clip from next week's [Arrow](series:720988) season 3 premiere "The Calm" has been released, featuring the all new Count Vertigo, introducing himself as "Vertigo", Werner Zytle. Who is played by Peter Stormare. While the old Count may be dead, the new one is around to carry on the work of his "glorious narcotic."

Werner Zylte in "Young Justice."
Werner Zylte in "Young Justice."

Zylte, best known for being Count Vertigo in the New 52, has honed the effects of the drug to reveal fear. While many are quick to crow "Scarecrow!", as many seem to have been inclined to do these past should be noted that Werner's powers in the comics cause extreme confusion and bewilderment to the point of incapacitation. The most common effect of any confusion, of course, is fear, and the show seems to be focusing in on this. He does say he has "enhanced the effects." Who knows, though? Maybe we'll see a little Scarecrow easter egg if it's tied in with the fear toxin, but I doubt it.

Anyway, the best thing about this video is watching what Oliver's, the Arrow's, rather, greatest fear is and watching him fight it.

Who else can't wait until season three?


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