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Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice will come out in 2016 and there's been loads of speculation about it. Will it be the best DC movie, best superhero movie, worst DC movie or worst superhero movie.

I for one think it will be awesome and could end up being the best DC movie. But I don't think it will be the best superhero movie especially since Avengers: Age of Ultron will probably blow everybody's minds.

That's just my thoughts though, but will this movie even be good.

I wanted to make a pros & con's list of the movie with the information we already have.


  • Zack Snyder. Snyder has made great movies in the past such as 300 and Man of Steel. I loved Man of Steel and it surprised me so much and it really showed us he is a great director and big comic book fan. Also I love the visual effects.
  • Henry Cavill. A lot of people can argue that Christopher Reeves is better than Cavill, but personally I thought Cavill did a great job. I'm not saying that Reeves was bad, but I think Henry Cavill was still fantastic. I thought his acting was pretty good, especially since that was pretty much his first movie that made him a household name. I really believed he was Superman.
  • Ben Affleck. When I first heard that Affleck was going to be Batman, I was almost mad. I wished that Christian Bale would still be donning the black cape and cowl. But that was how everybody reacted when they first heard the news. Most people didn't like Daredevil all that much, but from what I remember I fairly enjoyed it. I thought Ben Affleck was good at Daredevil so what's to stop him from being a good Batman. Also he looks like Bruce Wayne from some of the comics.
  • Costumes. I saw the Batman pictures and I really liked the different costumes he was wearing. From the grey and black one with short ears, to the armored one in the SDCC footage. I also thought the Superman & [Wonder Woman](movie:45787) costumes looked really cool too.
The Batmobile looks great too.
The Batmobile looks great too.


  • Overcrowded. So I hear about the [Man of Steel 2](movie:1516560) sequel and I said to myself "Hopefully Batman's in it" and then they announced it was going to be a Batman V Superman movie and I was so excited. But then I hear Wonder Woman is going to be in it and I thought that it might get too crowded, then they said Cyborg and I knew it was going to be crowded. But they kept on putting people in like Lex Luthor, Aquaman, possibly The Flash. I know it's called Dawn of Justice, but they might as well call it Justice League: Injustice.
Injustice: Gods Among Us (great game)
Injustice: Gods Among Us (great game)
  • Gal Gadot. I think Gal Gadot is a great actor and I thought she was awesome in the Fast & Furious movies. I just don't think she looks the part of Wonder Woman. Maybe if she hit the gym I can buy it but she definitely wouldn't have been my first choice to play Princess Diana.
  • Jesse Eisenberg. I loved Jesse Eisenberg in movies like Zombieland and Now You See Me. But I can't see him playing one of Superman's biggest nemesis. I think he should stick to comedies or stuff like Now You See Me, because I think there certainly are better people for this role. I'm not saying Eisenberg is bad, i'm just saying it might be hard for me to buy in that he is Luthor.

All in all though I think this movie is going to rock and I really hope it does well.

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice comes out in 2016 March 25


Are you excited for Batman V Superman?


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