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Gotham already has 2 episodes released and most viewers are enjoying this pre-Bgatman cop show. Here are my thoughts though. The first episode was okay but it did get boring at some parts. There were some parts of the episode that was just boring dialogue that I really didn't care about. But it was still pretty interesting seeing all of the cool comic book characters that I knew in a dark & gritty version.

The second episode still had it's fair share of boring parts but did have me more interested. One of the sad things though is that the episode was called "Selina Kyle" and really only had her in the last half of the episode. And I for one think she's one of the cooler characters in this show.

Before I start ranting on the things that i don't like about this show i'm going to say what I do like about it. I really enjoy the relationship between Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock. Gordon is a nice guy who really wants to fix Gotham, but Bullock isn't new to Gotham and has gotten very use to the way Gotham works which makes him really gritty. It's almost like a good cop, bad cop thing and I really like that.

Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock
Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock

My favourite thing about the show is the characters. I've already talked about Gordon and Harvey Bullock, but I haven't talked about Penguin. He's really interesting because he starts off as an outcast who has bigger (evil) plans in store for Gotham. And once he gets the chance too he goes right ahead and does it in a very creepy/menacing way. I also like Edward Nigma or as you may know him as The Riddler. He works with the GCPD and almost only speaks in riddles which shows what he will become in later years. Selina Kyle is cool because she's an orphan who can really do well on her own. She has great skills and is very sneaky too. And she's practically obsessed with Bruce Wayne and the murder of Thomas & Martha Wayne.

I also enjoyed finding cool little easter eggs and the show also adds in different characters that make me guess whether they are going to end up being major characters that are in the comic books.

Now for the things I don't like. First of all I wish that they didn't kill off Bruce's parents right away. It would of been cool to see how Gotham looks up to them and see why some mobsters wanted them dead. Maybe they should have left the murder to the season finale.

Even know theres some awesome characters there's also some characters that I don't like all that much. For starters I think they should have left Fish Mooney out of it. Gotham tries to bring a brand new character into this mix and it doesn't work all that well. Whenever she comes onto screen it makes me not really care about the show anymore and I think she is just very uninteresting and theres really no need to have her. Then there's Bruce Wayne. I know it's important to have him in the show but I think it's the script that makes me not like him as much as I should. The week after his parents are dead he's not mourning he's testing himself. It doesn't make any sense because if he starts doing that stuff now now then he'll be already be pretty good at whatever he's doing and he would be turning into Batman by the time he's 18. Also it kind of irritated me that they changed Poison Ivy's name from Pamela Isley to Ivy Pepper.

Yes I know I missed some other characters.

I will keep on watching this show, and you should too because it's still a good show. I just think it could be better.

Gotham airs on Fox at 8/7c on Monday


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