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So far Series 8 has been great! Peter Capaldi as the Doctor has really made me grin, Clara is as wonderful as ever, Danny Pink is a great new character, and the episodes have been so fun and cool...that is until now. "Kill the Moon" was a great episode with a lot of cool twists and turns but the ending was so dumb that it angered me big time.


The Doctor left Clara and Courtney on the Moon (which was revealed to be an egg that was thousands of years old and is now hatching into a space dragon looking creature) to make a decision. Should the creature get killed or should it live? The Doctor could not remember what happens in this year (2049) so he chooses to leave this moment in history for the humans to make for themselves. In the end, Clara stops many nuclear bombs from going off thus saving the creature. It is then revealed that this is the event that inspires humans to travel and spread throughout the universe, this is told in a great speech delivered wonderfully by Peter Capaldi.

This was an excellent way to end the episode...but then the rest happens.

Apparently the event made Clara angry at the Doctor, she goes off on him then leaves the T.A.R.D.I.S. telling him to never come back. The Doctor tries to explain but she won't listen. And, you know what I think? THIS MAKES NO SENSE! Clara has gone through plenty of situations like this before but she came out of it smiling and she should have been smiling from this one because she saved a thousand year old creature from being killed before it could see the sun. Inspiring the human race to run to the stars, but nope she's upset that the Doctor left her to make a hard choice so she accuses the Doctor of "patronizing humanity." WHAT?! Then she goes off to Danny who, I guess, says that she is only angry and that she should talk to the Doctor when she calms down. What a bitter way to end the episode. It felt rushed and should have been in another episode.

Like I said, the rest of the episode is great but that ending just angered me to the point of not liking the episode. What do you all think? Did you like the episode? Did you hate the episode? Did you like or hate the ending? Let me know in the comments below!


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