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The 4th installment of the Transformers films has come out on Blu-ray just a few days ago and I have a feeling it's not going to sell well. A lot of people hated this movie but I thought it was okay-ish. It is my favorite Transformers movie but it did need improvement.

Now i'm gonna give you ratings on all 4 Transformers movies and say what needs improvement and what they did good.



This movie did have a lot of good moments. I thought some parts were funny and I know some people don't like all the explosions Michael Bay puts into the movies but as long as it's a decent amount of explosions i'm happy. Sure it did get boring and I definitely would have liked it better if Shia Labeouf wasn't in it. I'm sorry I just don't think he's a good actor.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen(2009)


This movie got a lot more boring and it got hard to follow along with sometimes. The action was good, up until they put in too much. And also Shia Labeouf was worse in it then he was in the first one.

Transformer: Dark of the Moon(2011)


It had better action and cooler effects which did get out of hand at times. I did like Shia Labeouf better in this film but also the movie was long, had boring parts and focused too much on the humans rather than the Transformers.

Transformers: Age of Extinction


They got Shia out and put in one of my favorite actors Mark Wahlberg. I liked the action but it did have too much of it and was a reeeeeeeeally long movie. I did like the characters, but again focused too much on the humans.

The Transformers movies could use a lot of work but they are good action-packed popcorn movies that just let you turn your brain off for 2 hours and 30 minutes.

You can buy Transformers: Age of Extinction on Blu-ray right now.


What's your favourite Transformers movie?


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